Advocates Discuss Marijuana and PTSD

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Marijuana advocates say the drug could be used for soldiers dealing with the effects of war. A local effort is urging lawmakers to let marijuana be used for post traumatic stress disorder.

Representatives from the Veterans Affairs and marijuana advocates are weighing in. With only a week until the election, supporters of Measure 80 say legalizing cannabis can help soldiers who have returned from combat.

The measure’s lead author toured the Cannabis Community Center in Medford this morning. Paul Stanford is a veteran, and he says he wants Measure 80 to pass, and allow doctors to be able to prescribe the drug to former servicemen and women suffering from PTSD. He says marijuana can be used to calm soldiers suffering from nightmares and flashbacks.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff at the VA Rehabilitation Center in White City said he has not seen compelling evidence either way on whether marijuana can be helpful. He cites articles that claim the drug can have a small benefit early on, but then cause increased psychotic symptoms with more use.

The VA says because marijuana is illegal under federal law, it cannot recommend cannabis use for any kind of condition. It says current treatments for PTSD include therapy combined with certain medications.


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  1. J says:

    I am a Veteran with ptsd from OIF 07-08. I am a OMMP patient, I can tell you MJ has helped me greatly.

    1. Debbie Hodges says:

      I am not a Vet but I have been diagnoste with ptsd and I have tried mj I have to say “it does help me relax . Having ptsd and being able to relax is a big deal.

  2. Lisa says:

    It may very well help, as J says. BUT, people who need it for PTSD can already get it. Measure 80 isn’t necessary to be a OMMP patient. Marijuana advocates are trying to confuse the voters.
    Medical use is not endangered if 80 fails.

  3. kat says:

    Something I found out the hard way, marijuana does not work for bi-polar. My anger, anxiety and panic attacks were at there worse. The relaxing properties do help some and PTSD really really sucks but the misuse and illegal growers hurt more than help people with a serious need. Yes the Federal government does need to get on board. Just like drinking before we were 21 there will always be people that don’t want to live by the rules.

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