Addiction Recovery Center Gets Makeover

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Tuesday afternoon was the big reveal of several projects at the Addiction Recovery Center (ARC) in Medford that took months of planning and labor.

Several community leaders and local businesses pitched in for a project to renovate two transition houses and an apartment for ARC.

It was all part of the Medford Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class, where about 30 community members banded together to complete the project.
Over the last nine months, the class fund-raised, planned, and eventually completed the arc project with resources from several local businesses.

Participants in the class say they chose the ARC project because with the affect addiction has on the community, they thought it would have the most impact.

ARC employees also say that they are thrilled that the leadership class chose them.

“It just warms your heart to know that you may choose to do something that you feel is meaningful, but when other people in the community sort of recognize that and pitch in and do their part as well, it just makes it even sweeter, and it’s really nice to have that support,” said ARC’s residential services manager, Lisa Parmenter.

Those who participated in a class also built a garden on the property that ARC clients helped plan out as part of their therapy.