Actors Fundraise for HIV and AIDS

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ASHLAND, Ore. — A group of actors is adding a new addition to this year’s Daedalus Project.

The Daedalus Project has been going on for 26 years as part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  It’s raised $1.3 million throughout the years.  One hundred percent of it’s profits go towards organizations for HIV and AIDS around the world.  Some of the money is also donated to organizations here in the Rogue Valley including USA Grace, OnTrack, and Siskiyou County HIV and AIDS Foundation.

This year a group of actors is establishing a new part of the Daedalus Project.  It is called “The Wings of Daedalus.”  It is a new fundraiser to help raise money for the project.   They are using social media to spread the word, along with an online fundraising website to raise money.

The project is based on the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus.  Daedalus dies at the end of that story, but Eduardo Placer, Director of Wings of Daedalus said he want to show HIV is no longer a death sentence.

For every person who donates through the online fundraiser, the actors make a feather.  A name of a person affected with HIV or AIDS is written on the feather along with a prayer, memory, or quote.  So far they’ve made approximately 300 feathers  The feathers will eventually all go on a life-size replica of Daedalus’s wings, which will be revealed during the Daedalus Project on August 19.

So far the group has raised over $1,200 through their online campaign.  Their goal is $10,000 by August 29. To donate, click here.