Active Shooter Exercise in Weed

OESYREKA, Calif. — Emergency agencies are preparing for a practice 9-1-1 call in Siskiyou County.

On Tuesday, an active shooter exercise will spark a response from law enforcement and medical crews. It’ll be on the College of the Siskiyou’s campus in Weed next week. So, if you hear simulated gun shots, explosions, or sirens, it’s just part of the drill.

“We want to have our responders as prepared as possible and be able to see where we are as far as our response capabilities in the county and see what areas that we feel we’re doing well and what areas we need to improve on,” explained Ron Quigley, with Emergency Services.

Campus will be closed to the public that day, and students will not have classes. The drill will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.