ACH Chooses Partnership With Asante

ASHLAND, Ore. – Ashland Community Hospital announced Thursday it’s partnering with Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

The new partnership is being touted as a way to improve the quality of patient care and services while securing the financial future of Ashland’s hospital. This decision comes after Ashland Community Hospital broke off ties with Dignity Health last month. In a press conference on Thursday, Asante and ACH said their partnership is a perfect match.

Officials said with this partnership, they believe Ashland residents will see improvements long term with improved hospital programs and services for Ashland residents. At the end of last month, an agreement was almost reached between Dignity Health and ACH.

There were a variety of issues that ultimately ended that partnership; two main reasons being the Catholic-based Dignity Health system conflicted with women’s rights regarding abortion and the Oregon Death With Dignity Act.

“Asante is a secular organization and the particular issues that some members of the community were concerned about are not an issue here,” explained Doug Gentry, the Chairman of ACH Board of Directors.

“There are programs and services that Ashland Community Hospital offers we can help strengthen. There are patients who may be going to Medford or other locations for their care when they could be staying here,” said the CEO of Asante Health System, Roy Vinyard.

ACH said the partnership with Asante will also help secure financial stability. There’s still a lot of details to work out; ACH board of directors are in close touch with the Ashland City Council and mayor. They plan to hold a meeting soon where residents can express their concerns and discuss this new merger.