Accused Murderer Denied Bail

Monica denied bailMEDFORD, Ore. — A woman accused of killing two people in Wimer was denied bail in court Wednesday as prosecutors revealed new details about the case.

Prosecutors said they have evidence that shows Susan Monica murdered two people by shooting them in the head. It’s the first time in weeks that investigators have publicly revealed new information about the murder investigation. Monica is accused of killing Robert Haney and a second person who has not been identified, at her home in Wimer.

Prosecutor Allan Smith said the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office likely has enough evidence to prove that Monica is guilty of murder, and because of that fact, Monica will be kept in the Jackson County Jail without bail.

Monica’s attorney, Christine Herbert, asked that Monica be able to post bail, saying the evidence may show the victims were killed, but not that they were murdered. Judge Tim Barnack denied the request.

“Bail, by statute, is not allowed in a murder case when the state can provide enough evidence that the court can find the presumption strong that the defendant can be found guilty” Smith said. “And that’s what occurred here today.”

Monica’s next pre-trial meeting was scheduled for September 8th. Monica was visibly upset when told she would stay in jail, and as she was led out of the courtroom, she repeatedly told Herbert she needed to speak with her.

Prosecutors said they will now continue to go through all of the forensic evidence in the case, which they said could take some time. Smith said it will involve DNA and blood analysis, and autopsy results.