Accused Murderer Appears in Court

monicaMEDFORD, Ore. – A woman accused of killing two people made an odd request in her first court appearance.

Appearing via a video linkup from the Jackson County Jail, Susan Monica quickly surprised her attorneys and Judge Lorenzo Mejia.

“Can I make a little statement?” Monica asked.

“I think your attorney would prefer that you not,” Mejia replied.

Monica ignored them.

“I would like the people of Rogue River to donate a small amount of money so I can have my pigs butchered and the meat given to the Rogue River Community Center,” she said, before being led away.

Monica is charged with two counts of murder and two counts of abusing a corpse. The Jackson County Sheriff’s office said one of the victims is Robert Haney, who disappeared last year. The other victim has not been identified. Monica’s attorneys gave not guilty pleas in court Tuesday, and Judge Mejia denied bail.

The bodies were found at her home in off West Evans Creek Road near Wimer. Sheriff’s deputies and Search and Rescue workers have been on her property for more than a week, but they have not revealed any specifics about what they are looking for.

People living nearby said deputies have been standing by nearly 24 hours a day blocking two private roads that lead toward Monica’s property. Only people living along those private roads are being allowed in or out.

“From what I understand they’re doing a very good job,” said Bob Nelson, who lives nearby.

Contacted Tuesday, the director of the Rogue River Community Center said she did not know about Monica’s request, and said they would likely not be able to accept it.


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  1. Cheryl Reyes says:

    Wondering if she may have fed the body parts to the pigs????

  2. Mike Merusi says:

    Her original mugshot shows her as bald. How much money are we going to spend on public defenders trying to make her look innocent AND normal?

  3. Annie says:

    Makes a person wonder if she thinks the lab would find human remains in the pigs if they weren’t butchered immediately & disposed of in an ‘honorable’ manner. Kinda like cremation deletes evidence. Cute……….

  4. Dawn Haney says:

    If you find this funny then your just a heartless person . This woman killed a living human being who had as much right to live as you do. If it happened to someone in your family would you find it amusing then? Robert was my cousin and the loss to our family is sincere and painful…..

  5. Dave says:

    I worked for this weird lady after telling me the other worker got sick n died i quit.
    I took my boys out to her place she gave us a beautiful kitten……
    good thing she did’nt eat us or feed us to the pigs i’m glad shes caught and put away…

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