Accused Animal Abuser a No Show

Mini Horse Auction In Josephine CountyGRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Josephine County woman accused of starving and depriving more than 2 hundred animals on her farm now has a warrant out for her arrest.

Animal control called her farm the worst case of animal abuse its seen in the county.

In September 2012, deputies seized those animals on Kandi Crow’s farm and also found several dead animals. The state attorney says Cow’s trial was scheduled earlier on Tuesday but it was cancelled because she was expected to enter a plea Friday.

Since she did not show up to court Friday, the the judge issued that warrant. If Crow is caught, her bail will be set at 25 thousand dollars with a no release order.

The animals were reportedly found in poor condition. Officials say some died from starvation or disease. The county sold off the animals, for around $90,000, but was still left with a $580,000 bill for vet costs and care.


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  1. Louise Garner says:

    Why isn’t the public notified of this earlier, in case anyone may want to attend?

    1. iknowright says:

      This is the very first I have heard of this, as well. Wish they had publicized it :/

  2. Carol says:

    Are you referring to the auction? If so it was in the paper. This happened last year.

    1. Ruby Celeste says:

      I believe they’re referring to the court appearance. Sometimes not much is made known about a case–not until after it’s over. It’d be nice if we could know more about local issues that concern us, especially when they’re of this magnitude…

      “Animal Control called her (Kandi Crow) farm the worst case of animal abuse its seen in the county.” Hmm…

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