Accidental Gun Firing Leads to Death

gun rangeDOLAN SPRINGS, Ariz. — A nine year old in Arizona will not face charges, for accidentally killing a gun instructor with an Uzi. It happened on Monday near Las Vegas.

Police say, the 38-year old instructor died after being shot in the head, while showing the girl how to fire the weapon. Authorities say, he was standing next to the girl when she pulled the trigger. The recoil sent the weapon over her shoulder, shooting the victim.

Arizona Last Stop is the site of the Bullets and Burgers Gun Range, where the incident happened. Sam Scarmardo, with Arizona Last Stop, says, “It’s like losing a brother. These aren’t employees or associates of ours. These are family. We’re all family.”

The gun range operator says people have to be at least eight years old to shoot firearms, and this little girl met that criteria.