Accidental 911 Call Ends in Arrest

Faith PattonMEDFORD, Ore. — Police say Faith Patton accidentally dialed 911 on Saturday just after 10 p.m. and was having a revealing conversation with a passenger in her car. During the call, a dispatcher overheard Patton say she is a drug dealer and was always ahead of police. Officers were able to track her phone while the call stayed open.

It led them to her vehicle in a parking lot on 200 North Riverside in Medford. Police found meth, packing materials and a scale on her. Patton is charged with several crimes. Her passenger, Rigoberto Hernandez, is also charged with possession of meth.

Patton’s bail is more than $550,000.


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  1. Beth says:

    Ah, karma…

  2. Krickett says:

    Please put up Tole Booths on all roads that are entering Oregon! So all illegal and out of State nasty drug runners and Gang Bangers get caught before getting into Southern Oregon creating Murder, Theft , Meth and Heroin druggies! We need to bring Back our Cowboys and Indians (Native Americans)! We had some much fun together! Those were the Days my friend I thought it would never end! My heart and soul goes out to our Police and Fire Departments employees for what they have to deal with! Then the extra money can go to the Officers and Fire Crews! Back in 1972 we Lived on Table Rock road and when the fairgrounds were behind the Armory I rode my Horse Angel to the fair through Downtown Medford. Had an Officer on a horse with a poop bag to pick up behind me! Sorry not trying to pester you!

  3. scott says:

    need to just legalize meth, so the nasty tweekers can have all they want.. in turn it will kill them off and the younger generation can live in a meth free world

  4. Chuck says:

    Numbers 32:23.

  5. Anonymous says:

    HERE’S WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Faith Patton WAS always one step ahead of the police. So, the police used the “always on” internet connection of Faiths phone to plant a tiny, invisible application which allows them remote access and control to her microphone, camera, GPS radio and all other functions such as dialing. The police were always listening to her conversations and decided to command the phone to dial 911 silently for this particular subject matter so they could track her down and arrest her for the “self admissions” and creating reasonable cause.

    How did they know her cellphone IMSI/IMEI? Medford Police Department have in their possession several suit case sized devices called a “IMSI or IMEI Catcher” that can capture the identifying signature of cellphones by acting as a cellphone tower causing all cellphones in range to register with it.

    This is NOT the first time local LEO have used underhanded, intrusive and illegal tactics to catch the bad guys.

    This begs for the question – What does this mean for the rest of us who are Law Abiding Citizens, and how will it adversely affect us?

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