ACCESS Program Helps Homeless Vets

MEDFORD, Ore. — Homeless veterans are getting a second chance thanks to a new program offered through ACCESS. The program is only a couple of months old, but has already benefited several veterans.

ACCESS officials are saying the program has already made a big impact in the lives of vets. ACCESS has opened up communication with a number of veterans organizations in Jackson County to see if they know of vets who have fallen on hard times.

Veterans are eligible for the program’s help if the served in the military are considered low income and are either homeless or at risk of being homeless. The program called supportive services for veteran families currently has no waiting list for vets who qualify and need assistance.

The program lends a helping hand to veterans and their families to help pay rent for a home, but the funds can also be used for other things such as utilities, child care or the job search while the veteran focuses on housing expenses.

“Help them with finding their home, that’s the priority, is to house veterans and their families. So what we’ll do is if we need to help them with their security deposits, or actually help them with their rent, and often times we can help them with their utilities so we can get them housed first and foremost,” said David Mulig, with ACCESS Support Services.

Officials say one of the veterans currently in the program is particularly thankful for the second chance. They say he went from being homeless with a back pack full of clothes to a student at Rogue Community College with a backpack full of books.

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  1. August says:

    Why do the homeless veterans HAVE TO QUALIFY?


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