ACA Preventative Services Kick In

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By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD, Ore. — A list of prevention services under the Affordable Care Act are set to kick in on Wednesday.

Expected to be a big financial relief for many across the nation, millions of Americans will have coverage on services previously not funded by their insurance providers. At La Clinica in Medford, a number of their patients are low-income families, but doctors say the new benefits will extend beyond this population.

The new provisions will help those with little coverage and those with insurance but high deductibles. Insurance companies will be required to cover eight preventative care services. Among the list are well-woman annual exams, high-risk HPV screening and sexually transmitted infections screenings. Health officials say these new provisions will help eliminate financial disparities and help promote a healthier community.

There are some exceptions on who are not required to cover these services and that includes group health plans and issuers that have maintained grandfathered-in status. In addition, certain nonprofit religious organizations, such as churches and schools, are also not required to cover these services.