A State Of Emergency for Medford Schools

BREAKING NEWSMEDFORD, Ore.- The Medford School District is declaring a state of emergency in response to a possible strike by the teachers union.

Superintendent released a statement today saying the emergency resolutions allow the school to authorize procedures to ensure school will continue to operate.

It also prohibits picketing on school property or at any entry points to the school. Signs and banners posted on district facilities can also be regulated by the Superintendent.

The union says it is planning to strike on February 6th if contract negotiations are not met.


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  1. Lucy says:

    Hmmmm….guess you better get back to negotiations then and this time NEGOTIATE!

  2. Don Alrick says:

    Under what authority does a state of emergency give the district the power to impose the following:
    – Gives Superintendent Phil Long extra authority to keep schools open during a strike.
    – Authorizes spending to operate schools and carry out related activities.
    – Allows a continuous executive session of the School Board.
    – Prohibits picketing on school property and prohibit pickets from blocking school entry points.
    – Gives the Superintendent authority to restrict signs and banners on district facilities.

    I would like to see the statutory authority that grants these powers over collective bargaining laws.

    An Observer

  3. larry bruce says:

    With all the time off teachers get during the year plus all summer long, I hope the district sticks to their guns and do not cave. All I have seen on your tv coverage is pro teachers. How about a few comments from tax payers that are sick of all the ‘time off’ for inservice, christmas break, spring vacation, all government holidays plus the summer break and teachers still think they are overworked and under paid. Thanks, Larry

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