A Sprinkle Here & There Tonight

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Thursday turned out to be very similar to what we saw yesterday. Temperatures got off to a warmer start and all locations had mild conditions, several degrees above average. Shower activity was a bit more widespread compared to Wednesday, but showers still remained light to moderate for the most part. As the sun sets, some of the activity will diminish but spotty sprinkles are expected for the viewing area through the evening.

By Friday morning weak high pressure begins to build into the Northwest. This and daytime heating will bring a spring like feel & the warmest temperatures of the season thus far. Temperatures should finally break the 70 degree mark in Medford, and by Saturday the mid 70’s are expected. Both Friday & most of Saturday will have a pleasant and Spring-like feel, but by Saturday evening a disturbance is going to move in from our South. This will bring in a cool pocket of air in the higher levels of the atmosphere, and after the warm surface heating from the morning & afternoon sunshine, conditions will be favorable for thunderstorm development. The good news is the timing of this system should begin by late evening, making for a overall beautiful and mild day.

Shower activity will continue through the evening, and some cells could bring moderate to heavy rainfall. As of right now, Siskiyou County could be seeing the heaviest of the showers. Unfortunately, you will want to keep that umbrella handy into Easter Day as well. Rain droplets will be felt periodically through the day for many and they may linger into Monday as well.

Safe travels heading into this holiday weekend & Happy Easter!
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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese