A Look at Solar Energy in Rogue Valley

MEDFORD, Ore. — A study by the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association claims Oregon could produce 20 percent of its total electricity through solar panels that would cover a combined 65 square miles.

Here in the Rogue Valley, power officials say the opportunity for solar power is available. Officials with RHT Energy Solutions in Medford say 60 percent of their building’s energy is powered from the sun.

Officials say there are a number of incentives from the state and federal government that reward those making the switch to solar power.

“Southern Oregon is an untapped resource for solar. We are the highest, on the I-5 corridor, we have the highest saturation on the I-5 corridor in Oregon. The only things better than us are like Burns and Pendleton,” said Buzz Thielemann, owner of RHT Energy Solutions.

A Rogue Valley organization called Rogue Solar helps educate those interested in investing in solar panels and offers them at a low price because they are bought in bulk from a company in Hillsboro.