A Look At Siskiyou Voting Issues In California Primary

By Ron Brown

YREKA, Calif. — Voters in Northern California headed to the polls Tuesday to vote on local measures and candidates. In Siskiyou County, Dunsmuir is seeking money to run its library. But it turns out one of the most interesting ballot items are in Yreka.

Voters arrived at the Miner’s Inn Convention Center in Yreka at a slow and steady pace for the California Primary. In addition to statewide issues and candidates, several local issues are attracting voter attention.

“I want to see people who are constitutionalists enforce the constitution, and bring our country back. I think it’s lost,” says voter Ron.

“I just think overall voting is important and taking the opportunity every chance to vote,” says another voter, Jerry. “And make sure that you’re part of the solution and not the problem.”

While most of those NewsWatch12 talked to today say they would be coming to cast their ballot regardless of what was on the ballot, for voters in Yreka, the big thing seems to be whether residents can have chickens in your back yard.

“I think what most of the people want to, in Yreka, want to vote on and make sure they have their voice heard,” says local resident Marsha.

“The chicken issue, for me, it centers around private property rights and really, government interference,” states Yreka Councilman Bryan Foster.

“We’re all working on whether we want chicken in the backyards of our community, and I’m voting yes for that, because I think they aren’t a nuisance,” says LeAnne. “And our neighbors have them and, the chickens are very quiet and never hear them.”

The ordinance would allow up to six hens, but no roosters. It’s similar to an issue debated in Ashland earlier this year. In Yreka and Fort Jones, voters are electing city council members as well as city clerks and treasurer. In Montague, three full-term council positions are being decided, and one “short term” council post.