A Look at Oregon Gulch Fire Camp

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NEAR THE GREEN SPRINGS, Ore. — The Oregon Gulch Fire camp is like a small city. As logistical crews bring in more resources for fire crews during their downtime, the fire itself is slowing down.

A few crews and some pieces of equipment are now heading to other fires. The big challenge in the next few days will be holding the fire lines while fighting winds.

“It’s tough you know you’re sleeping on the ground, you know you’re in a tent you’re not home in your bed,” said ODF Support Branch Director Dan Corgan.

“We want them to be 100% when they’re going out there. I mean our first concern the safety and to support the firefighters. And so we want to do everything we can that they’re uh at their optimum level when they’re going out and going after the fire,”said Corgan.

Now the Incident Commanders are releasing some surplus resources from the fire because it has slowed down the last several days.

“As we scale down as we ramp down in a responsible way we’ve been releasing both helicopters and handcrews to help other fires and so we did release the oregon national guard helicopters today and we anticipate they’ll be reassigned,” said Phill Veneris with CalFire.