A Look at Medford’s Urban Renewal

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Empty storefronts and few visitors have plagued downtown Medford for years. City officials have been working to change that, but now the Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA), has spent its last few dollars for downtown projects.

In the report above, NewsWatch 12’s Kasey Kershner reports on where the city is now and what is next for Metro Medford.

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  1. Ethan bakewell says:

    Ummm y couldn’t we put some of this money into building a new pool in Hawthorne or at the Jackson pool. I work there and the office is extremely hot the pool needs repairs it seems to make more sense to build a new pool then repair it ever time. We took down our slide and a have a bouncy slide but what’s the funny in that… There’s no water running down it. Long story short put the money towards a new pool like an indoor pool

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