A Look At Juvenile Probation

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MEDFORD, Ore. – No major changes will be made at the juvenile center, even after three juveniles broke out from a second story window earlier this week.

Three juveniles used a gym weight to bust out of a second story window and climb down the side of the building hanging on to bed sheets. The three juveniles voluntarily signed an agreement to be a part of their residential program in Medford. So, when they left the place early Wednesday morning, they didn’t have to force their way out.

“They’re all delinquent boys on probation that have struggled with complying, and so kind of the next step is to provide more supervision and more structure for them, and try to help them with new skills to make better decisions,” explained Deputy Director Joe Ferguson.

If teenage boys in Jackson County violate their probation, by not following the rules or committing new crimes, they could potentially progress into the Jackson County Detention Services System. Some boys in the juvenile services building are locked up, while others get more freedom to practice properly executing social situations.

“I think it’s way more effective than sending them away, working with family so they can be more successful when they’re home after,” said Jean Nicholas, the program manager.

The residential program was designed to keep them close to their real home. Sometimes it may not turn out well, like when three boys in the residential program broke out of a bedroom window when they all they had to do was give staff a 72 hour notice. Two of the juveniles are still out there somewhere but the other one got caught. He’s now in detention on lock down for the damages he helped cause.