A Little Cooler & More Comfortable!

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The weather will begin quieting down beginning today. The West Coast is in between two air masses, with a trough just to our east and a ridge of high pressure just to our west. The ridge will slowly inch our way into the weekend. In the meantime, the weather will stay inactive and temperatures will stay on the cooler side.

Highs are going to be right around normal and in some cases, just below normal. This means the afternoons will be in the mid and upper 80’s for the valleys and right around 80 for ┬áthe Klamath Basin. Areas of smoke are likely in Northern California, however air quality readings as of this morning have improved region-wide since Tuesday.

Skies will stay mostly clear through the end of the week and the weekend is looking spectacular right now. We’re start warming up again throughout the weekend into early next week.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese