A Fond Farewell To Scott Lewis

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After nearly thirty years with NewsWatch 12, our Chief Meteorologist is moving on.

As many of you know, Wednesday is Scott’s last newscast. Scott started with NewsWatch 12 when the news first went live in 1985. We want to take a look back now at some of the highlights over the past 27 years.


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  1. Faye van Damme says:

    We have been watching you since we moved here in 1989. Best of luck in your next segment of your life. We will miss you.a lot.

    Hans and Faye van Damme
    Cave Junction, OR

    1. Faye van Damme says:

      Sorry to see you leave and you will be missed a lot. We have been watching you since we moved to Southern Oregon in 1989. Good luck in the next segment of your life.

      Blessings to you and your wife.

      Hans and Faye van Damme
      Cave Junction, OR

  2. Ron says:

    Moved here in ’92’ and been watching Scott ever since. Man, have a great 2nd career.

  3. Alissa Koons says:

    I was lucky enough to work with Scott for four years. And they are still four years that mean so much. I have watched Scott Lewis since I was a child and was lucky enough to work with him and then lucky enough to have him volunteer and teach in my childrens schools. Good Luck Scott!! We will miss you so much.

  4. Amy says:

    You will be missed Scott! I grew up watching you and wish you well in the future!!

  5. Brenda Foster says:

    I have enjoyed watching you for years, where are you going? I think you are one of the best Meteorologist ever, thank you for coming into my living room for all of those years I do wish you well. Brenda

  6. Mike Wheelock says:

    Scott, my name is Mike Wheelock . I own Grayback Forestry. Our company does most of the prescribe burning in Southern Oregon which weather is vital for day to day operations. Your weather forecasting has been reliable as well as educational. We are sad to see you move on. May God bless you and your family in your next season of life.


    Michael Wheelock

  7. Patty Rennick says:

    Scott Lewis, you will be Greatly missed! I hope to see you around, (mainly at Dairy Queen) where my granddaughter and i 1st met you, and your wife! My granddaughter at the time was 4 yrs old, and wanted your autograph, because she saw you on T.V. That was a very special moment in her life! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. Will & Barbara McGuire says:

    Scott, we have watched your weather reports for over 17 years. We are friends and live near one of your weather spotters – Lee Dickinson, NW of Grants Pass. We wish you WELL in your NEW venture, and may you (and your family) be BLESSED with GOOD HEALTH, GOOD FORTUNE, lots of HAPPINESS, and many of GOD’s WONDERFUL BLESSINGS. And, MAYBE “someday” we will have the OPPORTUNITY to meet you. GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES Your RETIRED Friends …………….. Will and Barbara

  9. Judith Grober says:

    We are really going to miss you.Scott.Good luck and may God bless you.

  10. Ken B. says:

    Scott, watched you for years and you were the best since Leon H.
    Now maybe if you have a little spare time you could shinny up the
    tower on John’s Peak and fix that horrible camera. :) Best to you and
    your family.


  11. Milt says:

    Hey Scott, wish you the best in whatever you do, it was fun working with you
    and the whole NewsWatch 12 team.You aways made me laugh.
    Milt C.

  12. carol says:

    Really sad to see scott go he was the best weather man on television. He will be greatly missed.

  13. Debby says:

    You are a household name………”Scott predicts……” that is gossipal when it comes to the
    weather in the Klamath Basin.
    We met you in 1980 and have followed you from your days in KF til your last broadcast. (Believe the idea was “fill in on the weather for a while” then) If every weather man put as much heart into their job, the world would be so much better off.
    May your newest fork in the road be as kind to you as the years that you have spent at KDKF/KDRV.

  14. TJ says:


  15. Lynn C says:

    Going to miss you Scott! Question…..Where is Milt? And why isn’t he the new *Chief* Meteorologist?

  16. Peggy says:

    Just found out you are gone! I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have been watching you since the beginning. My husband was almost always wrong on the weather, and I would always say, “Scott says”, and I would be right. Love it when I’m right. Will miss you so much. Good luck in what ever you do and God Bless you and your family.

  17. Anna says:

    Scott, you saved my Lithia Park wedding by holding off the rain for an extra hour. I don’t know how you did it, but your announcement on air the day before saved the day. Thanks for your years of personable, informative weathercasting, and best wishes in your next chapter.

  18. kelli fowler says:

    gonna miss your wheather! my husbands name is scott lewis fowler! born and raised in grants pas. watched you since we graduated from highschool in 1985! gonna be well missed by us:)

  19. Chris and Christie Jackson says:

    We’ve lived here so long that I remember when you were one of the original three. Feel like we’ve raised you from a baby weatherman!

    Still not over Melanie leaving yet. Geez you three were funny! The information was incidental, we watched just to see you guys crack eachother up!

    Enjoy retirement whatever the weather, but we’re sure gonna miss you!!

  20. Teri says:

    Scott, We’re sure going to miss you over here in Brookings. We’ve been watching you since you started and as commercial fishermen, your attention to the coastal forecast has been vital to our safety. Thank you and I love a good visible satellite loop also.

  21. Patricia Zoline says:

    Scott, I’ve been watching you do the weather for your entire career here! I just found out you’ve really retired. You’ve done a terrific job! You’ve educated, and you’ve entertained. Yours will be impossible shoes to fill. You’ve come to feel like part of our family somehow, and I’ll genuinely miss you. Am wishing you great good fortune in all that you do next.

  22. Dave Daggett says:

    Wow!!!! We have been in GP since 1992 and been with you every night since.. Scott, we will miss you a lot. We are from So Cal like you – Seal Beach/Long Beach area. We wish you all the best. May God be with you and yours…
    Dave & Louann Daggett

  23. Betty says:

    Weather just won’t be the same….our household will miss you! Good luck in your new adventures!

  24. Capt. Roger Simpson says:

    Scott; Great job over the years….we’ll see ya around the Colony! Keep-up the tenacity and you’ll do great! – Rog

  25. Jack Armstrong says:

    Wow just realized Scott is gone. Gonna be really missed here in the valley. Flew my airplane N4057J when he was getting his private pilot license. Always spot on for the weather forecast more than others. Good Luck to you and your family.

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