A few Showers & Mild Temperatures

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A fast moving  and very weak weather system is passing over Southern Oregon and Northern California.  Only a few sprinkles or brief showers will fall from this system tonight and early tomorrow.  A slightly stronger front will push northward from the Pacific Ocean and northeastward into the Coastal areas late Tuesday and over much of Southern Oregon and Northern California on Wednesday.  This will be the day with the best chance for a little measurable rain (snow levels above 5,500 feet).

A few showers will linger around the region on Thursday, but like tonight, will be very light and spotty.

A strong low pressure and storm will develop near San Francisco, spreading heavy rain into the Central California region.  As it slows down and gains strength, some of the moisture will spin northward on Sunday and Monday over Northern California and possibly Southern Oregon.  Mild weather will allow for enough heating from the sun, and possibly a few thundershowers.  Highs will close in on 70 degrees, but will likely stay between 64 and 70 all week, with lows in the 40’s.  Mild, and above normal for “Spring Break”.