A Dozen Churches Burglarized

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Burglars are targeting churches in the Medford area. At least twelve have been broken into this year. A burglar broke into church located on the 1200 block of Peach Street for the third time this year. Medford Police believe it’s the same person.

During the investigation, police discovered the person is entering the church the same way, from the north entrance. The burglar took an electric keyboard.

During the summer at the same church, a burglar stole a safe with money inside, but did not touch any of the other potentially valuable items around the church.

One neighbor, Penny Bonner, says it’s devastating to hear about the incident. She says church members worked hard to save enough money to buy the building.

“They’ve probably been working on it for two years. And they have all kinds of fund raisers. It’s just really sad,” said Bonner.

Several churches on Stewart Avenue, North Keene Way Drive, and Mount Pitt Street are just a few others that have burglarized this year. Police say the close locations of the burglary incidents also leads them to believe it’s the same person.

As police continue to search for the person responsible they recommend churches get surveillance cameras to deter criminals if not catch the person on camera.

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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    So the congregation must divert some of their charity funds to pay for and maintain a burglar alarm system…..to compensate for the burglar(s) who can’t be caught.

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