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Friday brought a break in the precipitation to our area. A very well developed low pressure system is what’s responsible for the rain we’ve been getting. A cold front swung through and brought us a couple of days of cooler and wet weather. Friday morning started with a line of showers moving north. As the line exited the region, warmer air from the south moved in. This also cleared us out and most areas saw mostly sunny skies. Temperatures were up to 17 degrees warmer this afternoon than what we had yesterday.

Now for tonight, clouds will slowly increase from the west as the next cold front approaches. This is also picking up our winds. A WIND ADVISORY is in effect for the Rogue Valley, Northern California, and eastern sections of the Klamath Basin. A HIGH WIND WARNING is also in effect for the Basin, Northern California, the coast, and the Cascades. These will last until Saturday afternoon/evening as that is when the strongest of wind is expected. Winds in excess of 60 mph are expected in upper elevations. Also, vehicles (especially high-profile) will experience strong crosswinds on west-east facing highways. Gusts will likely knock down power lines, so more power outages could occur.

Snow levels will be falling Sunday morning to around 5,000′, so dusting of the upper elevations is expected. This includes, Diamond Lake Summit, Crater Lake NP, and Hwy. 140 near Lake of the Woods. This will be a light dusting. Still, travel will be impacted and roads will be slick.

If heading out to the Monster Dash this Saturday in Ashland, expect rain, on and off and also gusty winds at times.

Thanks for logging on and have a great weekend!

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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IMG_20141024_120656MEDFORD, Ore. — Rival Medford football teams are working together to raise awareness for domestic violence.

North and South Medford High set aside their competition for a brief moment before Friday night’s game to sign a pledge saying they will “neither accept nor demonstrate domestic violence.”

In addition to that pledge, each team wore a logo on their helmets with a saying “what you tolerate, you encourage.”

“I feel like it’s going to give us something to play for in a way, because we’ll be wearing that sticker on our helmet,” said South Medford player Jahan Kahusi.

The idea for the pledge came from Klamath Falls, which earlier this month held a rally to raise awareness for the issue. Players from Henley, Mazama, and Klamath Union High Schools walked in that march. They later worked with community leaders to design the logo, and challenged other schools in the area to participate.

Coaches in Medford say it was a no-brainer to take part, given the recent controversy caused by Ray Rice and other professional players.

“The NFL has caused a lot of talk, it’s in the media a lot,” said North Medford coach Mike Mitchell. “I think it’s good because it’s going to get an awareness that needs to be out there.”

Saint Mary’s also agreed to hop on board, wearing the logo and signing the pledge during Saturday night’s game.

Meanwhile the message is reaching the college level. University of Oregon athletics officials say they’ve heard of the initiative, but haven’t said whether or not they’ll participate.

But players in Southern Oregon say, regardless of how far the movement goes, just wearing the small logo makes them feel that much better going out onto the field.

“Whichever way the game goes, we’re still helping a good cause,” said North Medford running back Nick Janakes.

This is the second cause North and South Medford High Schools have supported this season. They also added logos to their helmets in support of breast cancer awareness.

5-24 gmoSALEM, Ore. – The battle over labeling foods in Oregon containing genetically modified organisms is turning into an expensive enterprise.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, nearly $23 million has been raised by campaigns for both sides of Measure 92, with those looking to defeat the proposal out-raising proponents almost 3-to-1.

The news comes on the heels of a new report from Center for Public Integrity, that found that – at just over $5 million in ad buys – the GMO campaign in Oregon is the fifth most expensive race in the country.


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This week’s “Pet of the Week” is Bao, an 8 year old Pug! Bao is a little overweight and looking to go into a home that can regularly walk him. He does walk well on a leash! It would be in his best interest to diet in order to shed a few pounds. Clearly he is treat motivated and listens well!

Bao was returned to the shelter after being placed in a home with children. He’d be best in a quiet home without children. Bao also gets along well with other cats and dogs.

If you’re interested in Bao contact the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

shooting(CNN) — Two people are dead in a shooting at a high school outside of Seattle, including the alleged shooter.  Four others are currently receiving medical treatment.

It was around 10:30 a.m. Students were gathered in a crowded cafeteria at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, 40 miles north of Seattle. Fellow students and eyewitnesses say freshman Jaylen Fryberg opened fire.

Fryberg was considered to be a well-liked student. The scene he created in the cafeteria was chaotic. Three of the injured students were taken to a nearby hospital where they immediately went into surgery. A fourth was transferred to Seattle for treatment.

HarryDavid-LogoMEDFORD, Ore. – Harry & David in Medford announced today that it will be adding 3,000 brand-new positions for the holiday season.

According to the company, most positions are available immediately, and run through the end of November. 970 positions are currently available in Medford.

The company will host several hiring events in Medford, with dates to be determined.

For more information, or to apply, visit, or stop by the employment center located at 2500 S. Pacific Hwy.

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A warm front is lifting north this morning. This is bringing light to moderate rain to much of Southern Oregon. It will continue traveling up the I-5 corridor throughout Friday, bringing clearing skies and drier conditions by the afternoon. Because this is a warm front, snow levels will remain high and all of the precipitation falling will be rain. Rain will wrap up from south to north around lunchtime.

This afternoon will feature partly to mostly sunny skies with highs slightly warmer than Wednesday. It looks like we’ll be lucking out tonight for Friday Night Football. Friday Night Blitz Game of the Week will be at the Black and Blue Game at Spiegelberg Stadium. We can’t rule out a stray shower, but it does appear we’ll most likely remain dry under partly cloudy skies. Temperatures will start in the low 60′s for kickoff but will drop into the 50′s throughout the game.

The next front to impact our region will be tomorrow morning. This is going to be a cold front, associated with the same low pressure system this morning’s warm front belongs to. Rain will spread inland starting tomorrow morning and continue into the afternoon. It could be heavy at times and the highest inland rain totals will be along and west of the Cascades and in Western Siskiyou County.

Ahead of this cold front, winds are going to become gusty ..mainly tonight starting at the coast. A high wind watch has been issued for the Southern Oregon Cascades, Basin, Shasta Valley and Modoc County. Those areas with the strongest winds, like the high terrain, are under this watch which goes into effect tonight. A wind advisory will then go in effect tomorrow morning for Jackson County, Del Norte, the Shasta Valley and Basin. Both the advisory and watch will remain in place through Saturday night as winds will stay gusty through this time frame. Gusts could reach 60-80mph.

Snow levels will drop Saturday night/Sunday morning near 5,000.’ This is going to bring snow showers to the high country into Sunday. Most locations will catch a break on Monday before another cold front moves inland Tuesday.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

allenSAN FRANCISCO, Cal. – Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen said he is pledging $100 million dollars to battle the Ebola virus.

The announcement comes as a New York City doctor is in isolation after testing positive for the virus.

According to Allen, the money will be used to train doctors in Massachusetts, and to build special containment units for those who are infected.

It’s the latest in major donations from Silicon Valley executives.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged $50 million, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave $25 million.

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Tim Kiesling is a senior at Ashland High School. Tim and a couple of schoolmates are working to organize an ultimate frisbee club team, but in the meantime, Tim gets his ultimate fix with SOUPA, the Southern Oregon Ultimate Players’ Association.

“There’s a lot of really serious players who have played on national teams or coached national teams,” Kiesling said, “I mean the weather’s beautiful here in Southern Oregon so it’s almost always a good day to play.”

Kiesling started playing with SOUPA a few weeks ago, but with limited experience, he needed to study up on the game before playing with the more experienced players.

“I had been watching a lot of ultimate on YouTube, like professional games, so I already kind of knew what was going on,” Kiesling said, “but definitely the first game was a lot of learning.”

SOUPA offers a great chance to learn. The organization’s roots go back more than a decade. Jim Casetllano and some of his friends started playing a loose game in the early 2000′s. There was no official equipment, but that laid back game eventually took on a more competitive tone.

“Everybody kind of reminisces about when they bought their first pair of cleats just to play ultimate and how we were getting pretty serious.” Castellano said.

So Castellano and his friends joined with a group from Ashland to form SOUPA and now the seriousness of the sport is reaching new levels.

“We try to come out every Sunday,” Kellen Akiyama said. “There’s a game on Wednesdays, and we are competitive and we all know each other for the most part.”

“Everybody has a story about how they got into it, whether it was college, whether you were with friends at a park, or there was just a group of people that saw you doing something athletic and recruited you,” Castellano said.

“Somebody can find their niche or their place here in ultimate,” Akiyama said. “As long as they’re having fun and having success on the field, then they’ll stay and they’ll be a part of our community for a long time.”

One thing that brings the group together is a passion for the frisbee.

“I’m definitely always looking forward to it,” Kiesling said. “I mean, I’ll cancel plans on Saturday night if I think they’re going to go too late because I’ve got to be rested up and ready to go for ultimate on Sunday.”

“Part of what makes ultimate so beautiful is watching the disc fly,” Castellano said. “When somebody’s got a really good flick or a really good backhand and they let one rip, just watching that thing sail and somebody run it down, it’s beautiful.”

For more information on the Southern Oregon Ultimate Players’ Association, go to

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Thursday brought yet another day with showers across the area as a slow moving cold front crept eastward.  The highest rainfall totals were along the coast, with up to half an inch in northern California and west side valleys.  We will see the same cold front stall out and recede northwestward Friday morning as it becomes a warm front and pushes up from the southeast.

As the warm front passes, it will bring a band of rainfall back through southern Oregon and northern California.  However, for the remainder of the day Friday, it looks like we will stay mainly dry, at least by Friday evening – just in time for Friday night football.  A few clouds will stick around during the afternoon as well.

The next cold front is set to move through Saturday morning, also bringing with it more rain showers.  Temperatures will drop for Saturday afternoon and Sunday, with snow levels falling to near 5,000 feet in the high terrain by the end of the weekend.  It appears we may get a break from the showers come Monday, but another front Tuesday brings them right back.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna

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