MEDFORD, Ore. — Representative Greg Walden’s office announced All—Cover Oregon has just announced they are scrapping the site and moving to the federal exchange.

EllingtonCAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — A 22-year old man is behind bars today after an altercation and stabbing occurred Wednesday afternoon in Cave Junction. At about 4:23 p.m., an altercation broke out between two men who lived in separate trailers at 5646 Rockydale Rd. in Cave Junction. During the altercation, Brian F. Ellington Jr. allegedly stabbed Josh Nelson, 27. Nelson’s injuries were not life threatening, according to Oregon State Police (OSP).

A 911 call was sent to OSP Southern Comman Center and OSP troopers were dispatched to the area to assist medical personnel and start an investigation. Both men were transported by ambulance to Asante Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass.

Oregon State Police detectives responded to the hospital to contact both men. An investigation led detectives to arrest Ellington for Assault in the Second degree and Unlawful Use/Carrying a Dangerous Weapon. Ellington was lodged in the Josephine County Jail. Nelson was treated and released.

malaysia(CNN) — Families of Flight 370 passengers are taking a new step in their desperate search for information on what happened to their loved ones: turning to a U.S. company.

While pushing Malaysian authorities for answers, “we’re also extending our reach now,” Sarah Bajc, partner of passenger Philip Wood, told CNN on Thursday.

“There is a subset of those questions, including some new ones, that are much more technical that we will be bringing directly to Boeing. Boeing has a shareholders meeting next week. And if we’re not getting information directly from Malaysia Airlines and from the Malaysian government, we might as well try to go directly to the source.

“Boeing is a publicly traded company in the United States, and that puts them in a position of a little bit more fiduciary responsibility,” she said on “New Day.”

The missing flight is a Boeing 777.

Asked for a response, Boeing sent CNN a written statement: “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies continue to be with the families and loved ones of those aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Boeing continues to serve as a technical adviser to the U.S. National Transportation Board, and in that role we have been an active and engaged party to the investigation.”

Bajc’s announcement came after the Malaysian government did not release its preliminary report on the flight’s disappearance. The report was sent to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the U.N. body for global aviation, but not made available to the public.

“They seem to be choosing to treat us as if we are the enemy as opposed to an interested party in helping to solve this mystery,” Bajc said.

“We need a fresh start here,” she added. “We’ve been sitting on opposite sides of the table. They have a briefing, they tell us what they know and we ask them questions. That’s just kind of broken. I think we need to start from scratch and sit down and have a positive dialogue.”

Families that are leaders within the group would be willing to sign confidentiality agreements to see the report, she said.

Families don’t “necessarily believe” that the Malaysian authorities are “withholding any new information other than the facts that we’ve already asked for,” she added.

A committee representing some of the Chinese families have posted 26 questions on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Usually, such reports to the ICAO are public, says CNN aviation correspondent Richard Quest.

“In most cases, the report is published because it’s not a controversial document,” he said. “It’s a statement of facts — what happened. And if there are any controversial or difficult facts, they can be redacted.”

Malaysia has insisted it has nothing to hide and is working to find answers. Government officials said they have not yet decided whether they will make the report public.

The ICAO told CNN about a safety recommendation in the report: Malaysia said the aviation world needs to look at real-time tracking of commercial aircraft.

It’s the same recommendation that was made after the Air France Flight 447 disaster in 2009. But “nothing seems to have happened,” Quest said. “To suggest in the future that all planes worldwide are tracked in real time, one might suggest, is a pretty noncontroversial suggestion.”

As an underwater drone keeps going up and back down, so do hopes that evidence of the plane may be found.

A metal object that washed ashore in Western Australia and sparked the curiosity of investigators Wednesday turned out to be unrelated.

And while the Bluefin-21 plunged into the Indian Ocean for its 12th mission Thursday, no one was certain the drone would find anything new.

“I think the chances are one out of 10,” said Jules Jaffe, research oceanographer for the Marine Physical Laboratory.

The underwater probe has already scanned 90% of the designated search area, with no significant results.

Thursday marks day 48 of the search for the plane, which disappeared on March 8 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing with 239 people on board.

What’s next?

Malaysian and Australian authorities are mapping out a long-term strategy for the search, which could go on for months or years.

An expanded search area might include the last 370 miles (595 kilometers) of the plane’s flight path, ocean search specialist Rob McCallum said.

“If the idea is to go more strategic and investigate the entire aircraft flight path, maybe 15 miles or so either side, then you need a more strategic tool, and something like a deep-towed sonar that can provide a very large range indeed — at the expense of resolution.”

The use of a deep-towed submersible device called the Orion is overdue, said Geoffrey Thomas, managing director of

“That should be brought in as quickly as possible, again, from the United States.”

He said it may be time to go back and revisit the calculations of where the plane may be, although officials have already been doing that.

“This is not an exact science,” Thomas said. “We have to understand that.”

Why so private?

Malaysia has not been known as a model of transparency. The same political party has ruled the country for past 50 years, and the media is not completely free.

For its part, the Malaysian Cabinet has agreed to have an international team investigate the disappearance of Flight 370, the country’s acting transportation minister said.

Hishammuddin Hussein said the names of the members will be announced next week. He also said the team will not be looking into the criminal aspects of the investigation, which remain under the Royal Malaysian Police.

“The main purpose is to evaluate and determine the cause of the accident,” Hishammuddin said.

EspinosaDeloy[UPDATE April 24] A third person was arrested in connection to the stabbing in Medford Tuesday night. Deloy Espinosa was arrested during a traffic stop on Riverside Avenue around 6:30p.m. Medford police say they believe Espinosa could be the stabber. The victim remains in stable condition at Providence Medical Center.

[UPDATE 3:10 PM] Medford Police have just reported that officers have arrested another suspect in connection with this overnight stabbing. The suspect is a juvenile and therefore Police are not releasing a name or picture of the suspect. Medford Police said they are still searching for three, possibly even four, more suspects related to the case. We will have the latest details at 5 and 6 p.m.

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford detectives are looking for more suspects who may be involved in an overnight stabbing that sent one person to the hospital.

It happened on the 200 block of Elm Street in Medford at about 10 o’clock Tuesday night.

Officers learned that the victim, who lives at the address on Elm Street,
was involved in a verbal dispute with some associates of a neighbor, who
the victim confronted for being loud. The victim came outside of his home
and was assaulted by several subjects. Immediately after the assault, the
victim realized he had been stabbed and was taken to the hospital by a
witness who was on scene.

Police said the 39-year-old victim was stabbed in the upper body and head area, and is recovering from surgery. Police confirmed that they had one suspect in custody.

Medford detectives continued their search for more suspects Wednesday morning. Medford Police contacted 18 year old Lucas Carstens, who was on  foot in the area. Evidence linked him to the assault and he was interviewed. Detectives lodged Carstens for two counts of Assault. Police believe several other suspects are outstanding.

Police are asking anyone with information about this case to call (541)770-4783.

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. - NewsWatch12′s Kirstin O’Connor interviews a course director at the Ledger David Cellars about Wine Tasting 101, and how Millennials are some of their most interested buyers.

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“How does snow form from rain and then change back to snow?”

Emily Olin, Parkside Elementary

Most precipitation falls from a cloud in the form of snow initially. The temperature profile of our atmosphere is what determines what type of precipitation will reach the ground. If the whole atmosphere is near or below freezing, that snow will fall and reach the ground in the form of snow.

When it rains, the precipitation will leave the cloud in the form of snow before encountering temperatures that are above freezing closer the earth’s surface. At this point, the snow will melt to rain and fall to the ground as rain.

When the snow passes through a warmer layer before passing through another cold layer closer to the surface, it can melt to rain before refreezing back to snow if temperatures are cold enough. Depending on the temperatures and depth of these layers, precipitation types will differ.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

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A cold front is moving through Southern Oregon already this morning. The front is coming in earlier than originally shown by computer models. It also is not looking as impressive across Jackson County which will lead to more in the way of rain showers as opposed to consistent rain.

The front should clear the forecast area by 9 or 10 o’clock and behind it, showers will develop throughout the remainder of the day. Snow levels will start off around 5,500′ today, drop to 5,000′ into the afternoon and then drop further tonight — near 4,000.’ Accumulating snow is possible overnight on Highway 140 and is very likely near Crater Lake & Diamond Lake. Snow may even just off the roadway near Siskiyou Summit into Friday morning. This of course we will be tracking into Friday morning for your morning commute.

Showers will linger into Friday before we finally catch a break into Saturday. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy throughout much of the day but another front will move inland late Saturday. This will bring some shower activity by late evening and isolated showers will continue into Sunday under mostly cloudy skies. Sunshine is returning next week with a warmer trend toward the middle of the week. This could change though in the coming days.

For more weather head to my Facebook and/or Twitter pages!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — After years of reduced funding and nearly non-existent patrols, the people of Josephine County appear to be taking the election of a new sheriff seriously.

Anne Basker Auditorium had standing room only and three candidates were present at Wednesdays forum to discuss the issues facing the county’s law enforcement and public safety.

The candidates answered questions from a panel and from the public, and each had a different approach to fixing the problems facing the county.

The current sheriff, Gil Gilbertson is running for reelection and is up against current sheriff deputy Ed Vincent, and Grants Pass police officer Dave Daniel.

The candidates discussed the main issues facing the sheriffs office including limited resources and the Josephine County Jail.

10269631_10152799945013312_7187888118058125599_nASK THE METEOROLOGIST

“What is cloud seeding?”
Janine Muse
Connections Academy
Gold Hill

There are several types of cloud seeding, but the one done at the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport involves releasing a balloon that disperses crushed dry ice. Other ways include shooting a canister into the fog/clouds with silver iodide or dry ice or flying through/over the clouds to release the chemical. This chemical essentially provides a nuclei for ice/water droplets to form on and create larger droplets that can fall to the ground as snow, rain or even freezing rain. When fog/cloud molecules turn to rain or snow they disperse and clearer skies develop and planes are able to depart and land at the airport!


Meteorologist Megan Parry

ferryJindo, South Korea (CNN) — South Korean authorities searched the offices of the company that owns the sunken ferry Sewol on Wednesday, prosecutors confirmed to CNN, broadening a criminal investigation that has already ensnared 11 members of the ill-fated ship’s crew.

Investigators also searched the offices of 20 organizations affiliated with Cheonghaejin Marine Co. as well as the home of Yoo Byung-eun, a billionaire whose family appears to control the company, according to the semiofficial Yonhap News Agency.

Yoo is known in South Korea as the “millionaire with no face” because he rarely appears in public. According to major South Korean newspapers, he also has an artistic alter ego — Ahae — as a photographer who has won international acclaim.

His website appears to show Yoo taking pictures, but his face is not visible.

Through an investment vehicle and subsidiary, Yoo and his two sons control the shipping company that operated the ferry. Korean tax authorities say that under the family’s ownership, the ferry company has been struggling and reported a loss last year.

Days after the ferry sank, the company sent out its president to apologize, but not Yoo — who’s had a brush with bad publicity before.

In 1987, he was a religious cult leader. More than 30 people from his group were found dead, bound and gagged in a factory outside of Seoul. Officials investigated the incident as a mass murder-suicide, but found no evidence tying the event to Yoo.

Prosecutors in the South Korean city of Busan are also investigating the private organization responsible for inspecting and certifying ships for the South Korean government, Yonhap reported.

Investigators are looking for any evidence of possible wrongdoing in relation to the Korean Register of Shipping’s safety inspection of the Sewol, the news agency reported, citing an unnamed prosecutor.

The Sewol sank April 16 during a routine trip from Incheon to the resort island of Jeju. Among its 476 passengers and crew were more than 300 high school students on a field trip.

As of early Thursday, authorities had retrieved 159 bodies, leaving 143 passengers missing.

Eleven members of the Sewol’s crew, including its captain, have been arrested in connection with the disaster.

Capt. Lee Joon-seok and some other crew members have been criticized for failing to evacuate the sinking ship quickly and for giving orders for passengers to remain where they were. Lee has said he was worried about the cold water, strong currents and lack of rescue vessels.

Lee and others have also drawn public anger for leaving the ship while many passengers remained on board.

Authorities still do not know precisely what caused the incident. It did not appear that the ship was overloaded, according to figures provided by the company and the South Korean coast guard. But coast guard officials said investigators won’t know for sure how much cargo the ship was carrying until it is salvaged.

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