onion mountain sunsetNEAR GRANTS PASS, Ore.– Another evacuation advisory was added to the area of the Onion Mountain Fire, Wednesday. The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office said all people of Limpy Creek Rd. system from Riverbanks Rd. to the West should be prepared to evacuate. This is in addition to the ones that have been in place for a couple days now. All the advisories are a level one. There are no level two orders.

These all include:

1. The entire Pickett Creek area, including Pickett Creek Rd, West Pickett Creek Rd and all roads off of those. Everything North of the Robertson Bridge on the West side of the Rogue River.

2. All of the Shan Creek Rd. system from Riverbanks Rd. to the west.

3. Riverbanks Rd. from Limpy Creek Rd. to the Robertson Bridge.

4. All of Limpy Creek Rd. system from Riverbanks Rd. to the west. (Added Wednesday)

5. All of Taylor Creek Rd. (FS25 Rd) road system from Galice Road, including connection to the 2509 Road that enters Hwy. 199 at the top of Hayes Hill.

6. Galice Creek Rd. to Soldier Camp and everything south.

A community meeting will be held tomorrow night at the Fleming Middle School at 6:30p.m.

Today that fire is now up to more than 3,700 acres with 5 percent containment. Fire officials said this was about a 600 acre growth in the last day.

Today smoke is limiting crews from being able to get up into the air for some parts of the fire. Officials said this may ground some aircraft.


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WEED, Ca. — The Red Cross shelters have relocated. There is only one shelter right now and it is at the Mt. Shasta Armory.

Red Cross supervisors said that between the two previous shelters at Yreka and Mt. Shasta High Schools they had over 100 people, but today at the Armory they are only expecting twenty people, as many community members have found friends or family to stay with.

Fire crews are doing damage assessments today, which will help Red Cross workers get more people back to their homes.

“As soon as we can get in and do damage assessments and verify what houses have burned, we will then start working with the clients, client casework, we’ll also be referring them to other agencies,” said Red Cross officials. “Letting them know what their choice are, what they can do and how they can get on the road to recovery.”

The Red Cross said the shelter will stay open as long as it needs to, whether that is days or weeks.

day of givingWEED, Calif. –Newswatch 12 is teaming up with Goodwill to help victims of the Boles Fire.  Goodwill is part of a multi-agency response team that includes the American Red Cross to address the immediate needs of the people affected by the Boles Fire.   Leaders  say that they are appreciative of the outpouring of support, but are still assessing needs and are a bit overwhelmed right now.

What is the best way to help?  First, don’t take items directly to evacuation centers.  They are well-supplied to give people at the shelter the things they need.  Donating directly to the Red Cross can help replenish the items that are being distributed.

Before the end of the week, they expect to have a realistic analysis of the more long-term needs for the victims of the fire. NewsWatch 12 will have that list of specific items they are asking for as soon as it’s available.  Goodwill says those items are not needed before next week.

On Monday, NewsWatch 12 and Goodwill be working together to collect those donations.  You will be able to drop them off at the NewsWatch 12 studio.  The address is 1090 Knutson Ave, Medford, 97504.  We will be accepting donations from 5 am till 7pm.

The truck load of items will then be taken directly to victims in need on Tuesday.  Disaster response teams say this is their preferred timeline for getting help from our region.

For anyone who prefers to donate immediately, United Way of Jackson County has also opened an account at U.S. Bank for the long-term healing of the communities affected by the Boles Fire burning in Weed, California. United Way said, “Weed and its surrounding communities have experienced devastation. These donations will be used to help them rebuild.”

Clothing and household donations can also be taken to Goodwill at their office inside Chesler Flooring, 505 S. Broadway Street, Yreka from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday – Friday. For more information in Siskiyou County only, call 530-842-6627 or 530-842-5800.

When fire victims return to more permanent housing, Goodwill will partner with community organizations to supply affected families with credit vouchers to be used to purchase the specific items they need to establish a home. If the public would like to donate financial gifts to augment the voucher program, they can write a check to Southern Oregon Goodwill and send to 11 W. Jackson Street, Medford, OR 97501. Goodwill asks that they write Boles Fire or Weed Fire Victims in the memo of the check. They can also make a donation online at: http://www.sogoodwill.org/donate/financial-gifts/

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army also accept donations for the immediate disaster as well as the Shasta Regional Community Foundation Community Disaster Relief Fund, and the North Valley Catholic Social Services website www.nvcss.org.

ISIS cnn(CNN) — The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS, is out with a new video from its Al Hayat media center. It appears to be the terror group’s response to President Barack Obama’s speech in which he said the U.S. objective in expanded airstrikes would be to “Degrade, and ultimately destroy” ISIS.

The video shows some slow-motion explosions, and flames engulfing American troops.

It also shows President George W. Bush and his “Mission accomplished” banner, along with a clip of President Obama at the White House.

And at the end of the video, the logo, “The Flames of War, the Fighting Has Just Begun.”

On Wednesday in Tampa, Florida, President Obama told troops at MacDill Air Force base that “U.S. forces do not and will not have a combat mission” in Iraq against ISIS.

He said the U.S. forces will support Iraqi forces on the ground as the Iraqis fight the terror group.

Prescription Drugs(CNN) — The National Football League is making changes to its policies on performance enhancing substances. The league and its players association announced the deal Wednesday.

As part of the agreement testing for human growth hormones will begin this season.

Players who test positive for a HGH, steroids or other banned stimulants will be suspended, for the first violation, and without pay for up to six games.

A third violation will result in banishment from the league for at least two years.

All players who test positive for a banned substance will get a chance to appeal to a third party arbitrator.

Coats For Kids Logo 2011Do you have gently-used coats hanging in the closet that are never worn? Kids in Southern Oregon need those coats to keep them warm during the coming cold and wet weather.

The cooler temperatures are on their way and NewsWatch12 wants to make sure local children are ready for them.  NewsWatch 12, Windemere and a variety of other businesses are teaming up for the annual Coats For Kids campaign.

This year’s Coats for Kids drive runs  through October 24th.  Click here for a full list of drop off locations.

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The area of low pressure moving into our region today will be bringing strong winds as it approaches. Winds will gust near 50mph in the Shasta Valley beginning early this afternoon. East of the Cascades gusts up to 45mph are likely. Because these strong winds will raise fire weather concerns for existing fires and the dry conditions elsewhere, fire weather warnings are in effect through 9pm tonight. These warnings include the Shasta Valley, Modoc County and the Klamath Basin.

Twenty four hour air quality readings have been unhealthy all morning in Grants Pass and Medford. One hour readings though are between good and moderate. This suggests that the thick smoke from Tuesday night across the Valley has improved some. It’s tough to say whether the smoke is from the Onion Mountain Fire or Happy Camp Complex as satellite imagery is not helpful with all of the clouds present.

Rain showers have been developing since early this morning due to the onshore and moist flow from the Southwest. With air near the surface being so dry from the summer the rain that will fall through the first half of Wednesday will bring little to the ground.

Increasing showers into Wednesday night though are capable of dropping light rain to our region. Between a .10″-.20″ of measurable rain could fall through Thursday night when showers wrap up. Through tomorrow, expect cloudy skies to continue and showers as well.

High pressure will move back in for the end of the week. This means dry weather will return and warming temperatures into the weekend under sunny skies.

For more on air quality readings, pictures of the Boles Fire and more ..head over to Facebook and/or Twitter.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese


MEDFORD, Ore. – Twenty four hour air quality readings are unhealthy as of 8:30a.m. in Medford and Grants Pass. Smoke settled across the Valley Tuesday night leading to the poor conditions.

One hour readings are showing improvements though, reading good to moderate across the West Side. This suggests the air has improved since last night and is also why the smell of smoke is not very potent.

Because skies are mostly cloudy today, it’s hard to see the smoke that is present. The high terrain is not very visible and the reduced visiblities are also signs that air quality is not at its best.

HAPPY CAMP, Cal. -  As of 9:00 AM on Wednesday, Sept. 17, all mandatory and advisory evacuations for areas on Scott River Road from Highway 96 to Joyland Gulch are lifted.  This includes the community of Scott Bar, Mill Creek Road, and all other roads not mentioned.  All road closures on Scott River Road will be lifted at 9:00 AM as well.  Although all evacuations are lifted, fire crews and their equipment will still be in the area.



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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A full effort kick on a soccer ball on a golf course; this is the new trend adopted by Dutcher Creek Golf Course in Grants Pass.

“Everybody likes to try something new, and kicking a ball’s been around forever,” Superintendent Todd Moore said. “What a better way to join two sports: soccer and golf.”

Soccer golf, that’s the name of the sport that’s quickly gaining popularity around the country. Over 200 courses nationwide, including one of the newest in the Rogue Valley. Todd Moore helped plan the course at Dutcher Creek and he said it’s a great way to bring the community together.

“Just to get more people out and make it aware around the Valley that there’s something other to do,” Moore said. “It’s a family sport. Kids can come out and play.”

In fact, Moore invited kids from around Grants Pass to break in the course. Casey Zottola, a former soccer player at Grants Pass High School, played his first round of soccer golf last week.

“It was fun. It was different than I was expecting,” Zottola said. “I thought the holes were going to be bigger actually. They were kind of hard to putt into.”

Traditional golfers would also like the holes to be a bit bigger. In fact, the games are played the same way. The golfers keep score, the lowest score wins and just like traditional golf, frustration is inevitable.

“I hit five trees. I kicked it into five trees,” Moore said. “Yeah, you could say it’s frustrating, but you put that shot away and you’re ready for your next one.”

For more information on the Dutcher Creek Soccer Golf Course, visit www.dutchercreekgolf.com.

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