sergiMEDFORD, Ore. — A candidate running for Jackson County Sheriff is speaking out on the current investigation against him.

Lieutenant Bob Sergi released a statement on Thursday about the current criminal investigation by the Oregon Department Of Justice into his election campaign.

In the statement, Sergi says he has been accused of using addresses from an employees’ roster to solicit campaign funds. Sergi denies doing that, instead he says he used a campaign database that has the addresses of all registered voters in Oregon, which is public information, and not illegal.

Sergi says he is confident he will be cleared of all wrong doing; he also accused the sheriff’s office of using dirty political tactics. No charges have yet been filed against Lieutenant Sergi.

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Ashland, Ore. — Almost exactly a year after discovering a brain tumor, an Ashland Middle School student is getting some extra support.  That support is coming from Alex Shepherd’s own classmates.

Ashland Middle School students adopted Alex as their sparrow this month.  Alex said, “It feels like an honor and a blessing to have all these other kids my age help.”

The 12-year-old’s life was changed forever almost exactly a year ago.  He had a seizure that led to the discovery of a brain tumor.  It’s mean chemotherapy, radiation and four brain surgeries.  Even so, Alex has continued doing some of his favorite things doctors didn’t think he would be able to do.  That includes skiing, biking and surfing.

“They haven’t seen a child go back to playing sports, getting A’s and doing as well.  He’s going to be the exception to this,” his mom Aushna Shepherd said.

Through Sparrow Clubs, Ashland Middle School students will do volunteer work to raise money for Alex and his family.

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Medford, Ore. — Succulents are a great option for those without a green thumb.  They do well in different environments and don’t need too much attention.

If you would like more information, watch our ‘In the Garden’ segment or contact the OSU Master Gardener near you.

Jackson County - (541) 776-7371

Josephine County - (541) 476-6613

Klamath County - (541) 883-7131

Coos County - (541) 572-5263

Douglas County - (541) 672-4461

ForsheeKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Police are investigating a murder in Klamath Falls. The Klamath County District Attorney’s Office says police officers responded to a report of a murder at approximately 6:12 a.m. on Thursday on the 1800 block of Laverne Avenue.

Officers reportedly found a deceased male on the scene who had been shot multiple times. Officers took James Harold Forshee II into custody at the scene and have charged him with murder.

The Klamath County Major Crime Team is currently investigating. The Klamath County District Attorney intends to present this case to the Klamath County Grand Jury next Thursday, April 24th.

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Earth Day is less than a week away, which is prompting people to try out a new trendy way to recycle. It’s called “up-cycling.” The process takes old, used objects that have lost their function and turns them into something else, with a new purpose.

Whether you have clothing, shoes, electronics, or even toys Southern Oregon Goodwill stores can recycle or “up-cycle” unwanted items. Suzy Lewis, the Southern Oregon Goodwill Vice President of Retail and Operations, explained that all items the stores receive can be reused. ”There’s a lot done with metal objects, or an old tire wheel, a bicycle tire that you’re turning into a pot rack for your kitchen. There’s so many things you can do,” Lewis said.

This weekend some of the “up-cycling” creations will be on display during Goodwill’s Earth Day fashion show.

When: Saturday, April 19th, 2014 Fashion Show starts at 1 p.m.

Where: ScienceWorks in Ashland, 1500 E Main St.

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HuddlestonMEDFORD, Ore. — A Rogue Valley man convicted of murdering his wife was sentenced today to life in prison.

Bourne Huddleston was convicted of trying to hire two people to murder his wife, Kristy, in 2012, and then doing the deed himself.

The murder conviction carries a minimum of 25 years in prison. The convictions for trying to hire someone else to do it has a minimum of 10 years.

Members of Kristy’s  family spoke during the sentencing today. Kristy’s mother said, “She can’t forgive him.” Judge Lorenzo Mejia also said he spoke with Huddleston and said he has never seen anyone like him before, “Your only concern is yourself,” said Judge Mejia.

The Prosecuting attorney spoke up about Huddleston’s character as well, and said that Huddleston was the “worst human being” he has ever seen.

NewsWatch 12 will have the full story tonight at 5 & 6 PM.

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“How do the weather computers know what the weather is going to be like a few days before it happens?”

Jon Thomas, Central Point

Our viewers always hear us mention the computer models or the weather models. What we don’t get to mention is how these computer models generate their own forecast. That’s what this week’s question is about!

A series of very complex equations are used to perform these model “runs” we look at numerous times a day. Because these equations are so complex, meteorologists are required to take a lot of calculus in order to get their degree. These long extensive equations are calculus 4 — differential equations!

Anyway, current conditions are gathered across the globe and plugged into these equations. These conditions include temperature, moisture content, wind direction, wind speed, etc. All of these parameters are measured throughout different levels of our atmosphere. When they are plugged into the equations, the models spit out a graphical forecast.

This forecast (from all of the different computer models) is what helps us meteorologists put together our own forecast for our viewers!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

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A front will push into the Northwest today, bringing spring showers to much of the region by mid to late afternoon. Temperatures will still stay mild, despite the cloud cover moving in throughout the morning. Snow levels will start off high around 9,000′ before dropping to 6,500′ into this evening.

Showers will taper off tonight and this will make way for improving conditions come Friday. Mostly sunny skies and high temperatures well above average are here with us to kick the holiday weekend off.

Showers are looking more likely at the Coast Saturday afternoon & evening. A stray shower could make it inland by late afternoon, but any showers that fall will drop little if any measurable rain. Sunday though looks to be great. All outdoor plans are a go as the weather will not be impacting any hunts, picnics or gatherings. Skies will be partly to mostly sunny and high temperatures in the to 60′s & 70′s.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

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ASHLAND, Ore. – ”When the race ended I looked over and the crowd was going crazy,” said Eric Avila. “I kind of pointed at them to say thank you. They completely lifted me and then a couple of seconds later people started telling me, ‘Do you know what you ran?’”

What Avila ran was the fastest 5,000 meter time in the country for any collegiate athlete. It was one of many highlights for Avila’s storied SOU career, which already includes three national championships between cross country and track. SOU wasn’t Avila’s first choice of schools. He started out running for DI Northern Arizona, but only lasted there a year and a half. He took more than two years off from competitive running before reaching out to SOU.

“This was kind of his last resort because he didn’t have any NCAA eligibility left,” said head coach Grier Gatlin. “Had he gone to an NCAA school he would have had one year, because once you start in the NCAA your clock doesn’t stop. In the NAIA, your clock stops, so here he could come and have three years.”

Those three years were exactly what Avila needed to resurrect his career.

“You know his first year here, as we got in to track, you could see flashes that he was going to be good, but he was rusty,” said Gatlin. “It’s just like any other sport. You’re just rusty.”

“They offered me three years of eligibility,” said Avila. “At an NCAA school I would have just had one year and that would have been my first year here and I feel like I was still trying to figure out how to go through the motions of training and balancing school and that would have been upsetting if it was to just end like that.”

The progress may have been slow, but the pay-off  has been great. Avila currently has the fastest NAIA time in both the 800 and 5,000 meter runs in his senior year.

“This year I don’t know what it is,” said Avila. “I have a lot more confidence than in the past, I’m healthy, everything’s going good. School’s going good. It just seems like I’m just riding this wave and I don’t want the wave to end.”

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Clouds are starting to thicken into the area ahead of a strong cold front moving towards the coast. These showers will not last very long but they will bring a small amount of much needed moisture to the area. Showers will start hitting the coast around the late afternoon hours and then the rain will move into the rest of the areas throughout the afternoon. Because of the quick-moving nature of this storm, rainfall totals are not expected to be impressive. at best we will see up to an inch in some locations.

Showers will slacken overnight on Thursday and Friday will bring only partly cloudy skies. High pressure will cause temperatures to warm under mostly cloudy skies into the weekend. There is a slight chance for isolated showers overnight on Saturday at the coast. Other than that Easter weekend is looking dry and warm for all areas.

Next week is proving to be a continuance of this active weather pattern. As of now, models are showing isolated shower activity through the middle of the week. A series of cold fronts will usher in these storms and likely bring some increased winds as well.

Thanks for logging on and have a great day!

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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