Graphic provided by Medford Police to help spot fake bills.

Graphic provided by Medford Police to help spot fake bills.

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police are cautioning the public about counterfeit bills. Medford Police report seeing a significant increase in counterfeit 50s and 100s.

Earlier in September, Medford Police said a man walked into Guitar Center and paid for $2,000 worth of musical instruments and equipment all with fake bills. Store employees didn’t realize the money was counterfeit until the next day.

Grants Pass Police have also encountered cases of counterfeit bills this month. In that case, the serial numbers on the counterfeit bills are the same.

Medford Police want the public to remember three important things: security strip, color shifting ink, and the watermark – all of which counterfeiters cannot replicate.

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Summer has been hanging on by a nail. Every time we get a cold front that brings a relief, another dominant ridge of high pressure brings in temperatures well above average. The good news, is that on the first day of fall, we will be seeing “fall-like” temperatures. A series of strong cold fronts will start bringing temperatures down as we progress through the week. By Thursday, we will bottom out seeing the 70′s in the west side valleys and Northern California, the 60′s in the Basin, and the 50′s in the high country. The coast will sit in their usual middle 60′s.

Before we get there,  the warmest temperatures will be here on Saturday. So warm, in fact,  that we will be nearing records. The day record for September 20th  in Medford is 98 degrees, and we will be very close. I wouldn’t be surprised if some areas around the region see their warmest September 20th in a while.

A very weak round of thunderstorms are expected Sunday afternoon as a low pressure system moves through Nevada. These storms will be fast-moving and will drop only trace amounts of rain. It should be said that we could see a few dry lightning strikes. Any storms that develop will be in Modoc County and the Eastern Klamath Basin.

With the next system coming in mid-week, more rain is expected. Timing will be the key. Being so far out, the exact timing is likely to change. We’ll have a much better handle on the time at the beginning of the week. Early rainfall estimate say up to 1″ at the coast. 1/2″ in the mountains, Basin, and Northern California, and 1/4″ in the Rogue and Illinois Valleys. Of course, this is just an estimate. Many things can change between now and then. What we do know, is that we will get another system, and more rain with it.

Thanks for logging on and stay cool out there.

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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College Football Forecast

San Diego State Aztecs vs. Oregon State Beavers

Reser Stadium: 7:30 p.m. / Temperature at kickoff: 78 degrees / Winds: NW ~ 5 mph

FBForecast: High pressure over Oregon creating clearing conditions. Expect it to be hot for tailgating, but comfortable temperatures throughout the game. Go Beavers!

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Upsets, comebacks and blowouts take center stage on the Friday Night Blitz. Highlights include Grants Pass/Sheldon, Roseburg/North Medford, South Medford/Willamette, Mountain View/Crater, Sweet Home/North Valley, North Eugene/Phoenix, Cottage Grove/Henley and Klamath Union/Elmira.

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With high pressure in control for the next couple of days, highs Saturday are going to be well above average.  For some locations, afternoon temperatures will reach near record values.  In Medford, the record high for September 20th is 98 degrees, and the forecast high is only one degree shy of that.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t hot in some places on Friday…Brookings made it up to the 90′s with offshore flow and help from the Chetco Effect.  I don’t think we’ll see temperatures quite as hot on Saturday, but it will still be a warm afternoon for some locations along the coast.  For once I’m going to say “enjoy the heat while we have it,” because highs next week will fall to the lower 70′s in the Rogue Valley, 60′s in the Klamath Basin, and 50′s for highs in the mountains.

Fortunately, with the easterly offshore winds that we’ve been seeing, smoke from the Happy Camp Complex is being pushed out of central Siskiyou County towards the coast, and air quality has improved throughout the region.  Winds will develop a more southerly component by Saturday evening and Sunday, so it’s possible that smoke from the Complex will return to southern Oregon.

For more information, or to send me your weather pictures, head over to Facebook or Twitter.

Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna

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With summer winding down and fall straight ahead, the harvest season in Southern Oregon is peaking. For nearly 150 years, one of the important crops exported out of the Rogue Valley was a key ingredient used by beer makers at home and abroad.

In this Oregon Trails, NewsWatch 12′s Ron Brown takes a look at how that industry grew, and then suddenly died a quarter century ago, but is now showing signs of a comeback.

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Fire experts expect the 2014 fire season to be long and active.  The Oregon Department of Forestry said southern Oregon is looking at a longer than normal fire season.

Due to the lack of snow pack fuels are extra dry, and meteorologists said they are not tracking a big rain event until the end of October or even November. Although rain is in the forecast, it will not be enough.

“It’s so incredibly dry out there it’s going to take a lot of rain to turn it around,” said Brian Ballou, Fire Prevention Specialist for ODF.

Most of the large wildfires though will keep burning until season ending rains. Right now, the weather is still ideal for wildfires, and there’s a chance new ones could pop up.  Officials want to remind people that fire danger is still at extreme.

CaptureWEED, Calif. — The Siskiyou County Public Health Department is administering free Tetanus vaccinations to any adults who lost their homes in Weed this week.

Tetanus bacteria commonly enters the body through breaks in the skin, cuts, or puncture wounds caused by contaminated objects.  These objects are usually found in soil and dust.  Health officials say it’s important that people who are working in the devastation get the shot to protect themselves.

People who are traveling to weed to volunteer should consider the vaccination as well.

“I would certainly suggest if they are coming down they need to check with their county health department and or their doctor and if they need a tetanus shot and should get their current booster.”You should not get the vaccine if you’ve ever had a life-threatening reaction after receiving a previous vaccine,” said Lynn Corlins, a Senior Public Health Nurse with the SCPHD.

Health officials said adults should get the vaccine every 10 years. If it has been five years since your last vaccine it is safe to get it again now.

Hunting Season Starts Soon MEDFORD, Ore. — Firearm hunting season is just two weeks away, and wildlife personnel say the season is looking good.  The mild winter last year is great news for big game. The warmer temperatures resulted in higher winter survival, meaning more deer, elk, and other animals are roaming the wilderness this fall.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said buck ratios are also good this year, and the spring deer counts are continuing to increase.

“These warm dry opening days aren’t as productive as if you have some overcast skies, some rain, something to make the forest floor a little quieter,” said Steve Niemela, Wildlife Biologist, ODFW.

The wildfires will impact hunting season.  Wild animals move back to the burnt lands quickly, but fire restrictions will be in place for hunters, especially on industrial timberlands. Hunting season starts October 4.

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The new iPhone 6 is hitting store shelves today all across the nation. On Medford’s north side, both Verizon and AT&T saw customers lining up outside around 4 o’clock Friday morning.

While some cell phone providers did run out of the iPhone 6+ early on, many anticipated the rush and still had several in stock around noon. The main differences between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5c is more storage space and a larger screen.

“I think it’s a great phone so far. Just to make sure we can get one, it was pandemonium, we were worried about,” said Brian Young, a customer buying the new iPhone 6.

The newest addition to the iPhone family comes in two sizes, and while the asking price isn’t cheap, several cell phone providers are offering deals on the big ticket item.

KITTY!@@!@@@!!@@@!!!!WEED, Ca. — While families are coming back to what’s left of their homes in Angel Valley Friday, other survivors of the Boles fire are being found and rescued.

The Siskiyou Humane Society is spending time out in the community discovering cats hiding inside culverts. The organization has already been successful in finding the ones that hid in a safe spot and survived.

The Human Society said it really won’t know how many cats made it through the fire alive until a few days pass with people moving back into the area.

“Now that people are starting to come back in and check out their homes, they’ll start hearing voices of people and they’ll start getting hungry, they’ll start getting thirsty and they’ll start seeking people out,” said Emily Gaydos, a behavior program coordinator for the Siskiyou Human Society.

The Humane Society said many of the families with dogs were able to get them out, but some may have run away. The best way to find out about the status of pets is by visiting a facebook group.

The group is called “Reunite the City of Weeds Animals.” This is the place for people to post pictures of pets that are missing or found and hopefully get them returned back to their homes.

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