Protecting Water Fm West NileCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — After tracking West Nile in Jackson County, Vector Control biologists want you to protect your property’s water from mosquitoes. Sitting water in troughs or ornamental ponds can be a place where mosquitoes like to hang out. They are either born there, or returning to lay larvae creating the next generation.

So, Jim Lunders, Manager and Biologist at Jackson County Vector Control in Central Point recommends getting mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) to get rid of them. These fish are related to guppies and get grow up to two inches long. They feed on the top of the water column where larvae are active.

“If there’s things in your backyard that you can get rid of that’s a permanent solution you don’t have to worry about. But some things, you know, livestock watering troughs, things like that, they need to hold water all the time and these are really a good solution you can control the mosquitoes in those without having to use pesticides,” said Lunders.

Jackson County Vector Control gives away mosquitofish for free. Other options for mosquito control in water is to buy products containing Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) or methoprene.

Hemp ExpoGRANTS PASS, Ore. — One of Southern Oregon’s largest music festivals and educational Hemp Expo will kick off for three straight days.

Starting Friday, speakers, advocates, two stages of concerts, and vendors will be featured at the 5th annual Hemp Expo.

It’s located in Grants Pass off Highway 238 near Williams Highway. Tickets are $25 for the day on Friday and Saturday and $20 for the day on Sunday, and if you want to camp out for the weekend, tickets are $75.

This year will feature David Grisman Bluegrass Experience as a musical guest. 

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Medford, Ore. — Many plant seeds can be saved by simply collecting them as they dry, but it’s not always that easy.  Collecting tomato seeds can take more work.

For a closer look on how to collect tomato seeds watch this ‘In the Garden’ segment.

If you have more questions, contact the OSU Extension Master Gardener near you.

Jackson County – (541) 776-7371

Josephine County – (541) 476-6613

Klamath County – (541) 883-7131

Coos County – (541) 572-5263

Douglas County – (541) 672-4461

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MEDFORD, Ore. –  Lithia Motors is kicking off a hiring event Thursday evening, looking to fill a new store that will be double the size of its current store.

The construction is currently taking place off of Highway 62 on Grumman Drive, and according to Lithia Nissan, this new facility is going to generate $20 million back into the local economy.

Economic expert Ron Fox with SOREDI said new jobs is a good sign of a growing and improving economy. This means more people with more jobs, willing to spend their money locally.  According to the Oregon Employment Department, Jackson County has about 8,500 people who have expressed they are currently looking for work.

“What it is doing is adding additional employment opportunities to those people who are either unemployed in their area or under employed and looking for a position with greater opportunities and greater rewards,” said Fox.

Oregon’s Unemployment rate is hovering around nine percent right now.  The Lithia Nissan hiring event is taking place Thursday from 3 -7p.m. at its current location on Central Avenue.

ROY LEE JONES JRROGUE RIVER, Ore. — A Rogue River man is wanted by Police for passing $3,000 worth of bad checks at multiple businesses in Rogue River in the last three weeks. Checks were used at the 76 Gas Station, Main Building Supply and the pharmacy.

The owner of 76 estimates he needs to sell 3,800 gallons of gas to make up for the loss. The hardware store estimates it’s out $500 and said there’s no way to make up for it without passing the costs along to employees and customers.

Rogue River Police said the suspect is a local man who was known and trusted by the business. Tune in tonight on NewsWatch 12 to find out how they are planning to catch him.

bait bikeASHLAND, Ore. — As bike theft becomes more and more serious, the Ashland Police Department is bringing in a new bait bike that could mean more serious charges.

The APD says it recently purchased a bike worth $1,500 to help it catch bike thieves. Because the ‘bait bike’ is worth more than a thousand dollars it makes the theft a felony, instead of a misdemeanor.

Ashland Police say fighting bike theft is hard because the bikes are taken to chop shops and sold for parts. Officers say this bike will help them easily track that part of the theft.

Tyre HigginsMEDFORD, Ore. – For the second time this summer a security guard has been attacked at the bus station.

The latest attack happened last night at the greyhound bus station. Medford police says Tyre Higgins was involved in a fight with a security guard and was pepper sprayed by the guard.

Police say when they responded, the 31-year-old charged at one of the officers. He was arrested on several charges.

This comes just about a month and a half after a security guard at the RVTD transfer station was attacked.

Kent BrantleyATLANTA, Ga. — One of the American doctors who contracted Ebola, and was once feared to be near death, is calling today “a miraculous” one.

That’s because he was sent home from the hospital this morning after nearly three weeks of intense treatment.

Dr. Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol were working in Africa when they got sick. The two were given an experimental drug. Now, both have been released. Doctors are saying this is nothing short of a miracle.

Dr. Brantley says, “I’m thrilled to be alive, to be well and be reunited with my family.”

Doctors say the Ebola patients do have healing ahead of them but can no longer spread it easily.

ALAN MCVAY BOMBERMEDFORD, Ore. — Just days after being sentenced to more than a decade behind bars, the man who bombed the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office, is expected back in court this afternoon.

On Monday Alan McVay was sentenced to 15 years behind bars. He also apologized during the sentencing. That was for the federal charges he was facing.

This afternoon, he’s expected in a Jackson County courtroom to change his plea on county charges. Those include, possession of meth and burglary and theft charges.

Jodi Arias TrialPHOENIX, Ariz. — Yreka native, and convicted killer, Jodi Arias has been granted a delay in penalty phase of her trial.

The jury selection for the case was originally scheduled for September eighth, but will now be moved back until the 29th. Arias filed a motion last week to have the start delayed after she expressed difficulties in interviewing witnesses while in prison.

She is representing herself.

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