Halloween StockCLEVELAND, Ohio — Halloween is a day built around fear. Doctors say if we don’t learn to cope with what scares us, our fears can negatively affect our health. Although our fears generate from our brain, doctors say we’re affected physically by the “fight or flight” response.

They also say that increased adrenaline can be toxic in large doses, because it can disrupt the heart’s normal rhythm. Whether it’s caused by Halloween or a horror movie, doctors say a good way to keep your fears in check is to simply breathe.

Dr. Mike McKee with the Cleveland Clinic says, “People can learn to reduce their fear. There are some commonalities: learning how to relax, learning how to breathe deeply, and abdominally and calming down the whole physical system.”

Doctors also say it’s critical to keep your fears from creating chronic stress, which can lead to long-term health problems.

John Franklin ForbisDEADWOOD, Ore. – After hiding in Lane County for more than 20 years, a fugitive from New York has been caught.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office arrested John Franklin Forbis, 72, Thursday at his home in Deadwood.

There was a warrant out for his arrest after being caught with more than 800 pounds of drugs. Investigators say Forbis was involved with smuggling drugs from Mexico to Texas via airplane. They say Forbis did not appear in court for the charge and fled to Lane County, where he has been hiding for more than two decades.

The sheriff’s office says Forbis had been using an alias, but recently applied for government benefits, which led officers to his home on Deadwood Creek Road.

Forbis is scheduled to be arraigned in the Lane County Jail on Friday.

Oregon Car DriversWASHINGTON — Halloween isn’t just scary for trick-or-treaters. Police say it can also be scary for drivers. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, Halloween ranks in the top three days of the year for pedestrian related accidents in the U.S. every year.

Reports also show 48% of those accidents involve a drunk driver. That’s why experts say if you are driving tonight, do it slowly and avoid neighborhoods. Also, have a designated driver. If you’re a parent, remind your kids about what they need to do in order to remain safe.

Kate Carr, CEO of “Safe Kids Worldwide” explains, “Encourage your kids to be seen so on their costumes add a little bit of reflective tape or a glow stick or have them carry a flash light something that will make them visible to drivers.”

Experts also say another good idea is to make a plan for the night, making sure everyone you are with is on the same page.

ashland homelessMEDFORD, Ore. — Now most Oregon voters received their ballots in the mail last week, except those without addresses to send them too.

Homeless people in Oregon, who try to use the address of their shelter as a physical address, may get rejected by the voter system. According to election offices, they are required to list a physical address, which could be the corner they sleep on, and a mailing address, which could be that of a shelter. If they don’t have a shelter they’re staying at, then there’s no other options.

At that point, they would need to provide a physical location or cross street of where they’re sleeping, and the address of their local elections office, so they could stop by to pick up their materials and vote.

Cats Crowd Local SheltersMEDFORD, Ore. – This coming weekend, November 1st and 2nd, adult cats at three area animal shelters will be free. Jackson County animal shelters have run out of room for cats, and therefore adoption fees will be waived for all cats one year or older during this special adoption weekend event. 

More than 100 cats need homes and some have waited months to find a family. All cats are vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

Locations where you can adopt a free cat include:

Medford: Southern Oregon Humane Society, 2910 Table Rock Road,

Medford: Committed Alliance to Strays (C.A.T.S.), 104 N. Ross Lane, 

Phoenix: Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 S. Pacific Hwy 99, 

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A cold front is moving inland this morning bringing rain to much of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Rain will continue falling throughout the morning in most locations, traveling into the Klamath Basin by mid morning. Behind the front rain we’ll transition to showers from west to east this afternoon.

Snow levels will be falling as the cold air moves in. They’ll be near 5,500′ this afternoon and will fall further tonight, near 4,500.’ If you’re planning to head over the higher passes into the weekend be sure to check TripCheck and be prepared from slick roads and some winter weather.

For Trick-or-Treat showers will be around in all locations. The exception will be in Lake County where widespread rain will still be falling. Because it will be raining through most of the morning, dress to keep your feet dry! Puddles will be all over. It will also be cool so dress warm!

Showers will be continuing overnight and Saturday. This will be the coolest air mass we’ve seen so far this fall and temperatures will reflect it this weekend. Afternoon highs will be in the mid and upper 40′s in the Basin. Overnight lows will be in the 20′s along and east of the Cascades. A couple more fronts are going to move through next week.

***REMINDER*** We turn the clocks back this Saturday!

If you’d like more on your local weather you can head to my Facebook and/or Twitter pages!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

7-21 richardsonSALEM, Ore. — The Republican Candidate for governor this year, Dennis Richardson, is accusing the current Oregon Governor of hiding.

Richardson says the Governor is hiding himself from the press and the public. Richardson called a news conference yesterday to demand that Governor Kitzhaber release public records that have been requested by news organizations.

The Southern Oregon native has spent weeks pressuring Kitzhaber over ethics questions about the work the governor’s fiancée did for consulting clients, but the polls suggest he’s struggling to hurt the three-term incumbent.

Angela McanultySALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of a Eugene woman who tortured and killed her own daughter.

Angela Mcanulty pleaded guilty to the murder of her 15-year old daughter on the day her trial was meant to start in 2011. She’s now the only woman on Oregon’s death row. Since Oregon voters reinstated capital punishment in 1984, only two inmates have died via lethal injection.

Governor Kitzhaber has placed a moratorium on executions during his time in office.

starbucksCNN – If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your coffee fix without the wait — that time has come.

Starbucks has announced plans for coffee and food delivery services.

The delivery service will be available to starbucks loyalty program members as part of its new mobile order and pay app. It will launch nationwide next year.

CEO Howard Schultz called the service “E-commerce on steriods.”


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ASHLAND, Ore. — It’s a bit disconcerting for SOU’s opponents when Motade Atanda rises for the attack. Maybe it’s the nearly four kills per set, or maybe it’s the lightning speed on her finish.

“She hits it pretty fast so it’s coming up,” head coach Josh Rohlfing said. “It’s coming at you like a fastball from 20 feet away, and it’s tough.”

It’s intimidating and can shake the confidence of those on the other side of the net, but it wasn’t long ago that a variety of circumstances shook Atanda’s confidence.

“It’s kind of been like a rocky few years for me,” Atanda said.

She’s been to three schools, one Division I, on Junior College and then SOU.

“I was questioning if I wanted to continue playing after Butler,” Atanda said.

Butler is where Atanda’s college career started, but it was far from home and she was getting sporadic playing time. Then she transferred to Foothill Junior College where she was named an All-American. SOU took notice and Rohlfing send an assistant coach to watch Atanda play.

“I sent him to the showcase for the California junior college, and she was playing there, and he said, ‘Yeah, she’s legit, and she’s somebody that we need to be looking at,’” Rohlfing said.

Atanda ended up in Ashland three years ago. She loved the area and the school, but the confidence still wasn’t quite there.

“It’s just taken a little bit of time in that regard,” Rohlfing said. “Last year she probably could have played a little bit more for us, but she still had some things to improve on.”

“Playing a lot definitely helps your confidence,” Atanda said. “Just being out there on the court, playing a different opponent besides your own team.”

Now, three states, colleges and coaches later, Atanda’s confidence is peaking.

“Now it’s definitely all come together. I’m starting. I’m playing a lot,” Atanda said.

“She’s unbelievable. I mean, you get ooos and aahs every time she goes up to take a swing,” Rohlfing said. “No matter where we go, someone’s commenting on her. Truly one of the best players in the nation.”

She makes it look so easy, but there’s a lot that goes in to Motade Atanda’s swing, starting with a wayward path to Southern Oregon and ending with a whole lot of confidence.

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