Ninth Arson Fire Investigated

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A fire erupts in a vacant home in southwest Medford. Investigators believe this could be the work of a serial arsonist they’ve been searching for since April 2012.

Around 7:40 p.m. Wednesday, fire crews responded to reports of smoke at a home on the 1900 hundred block of Prune Street. They were able to knock down the flames quickly and determined the fire was arson.

Earlier in the evening, investigators ruled out an electrical fire because the power was already shut. The home has been vacant for two years. Though, they did find evidence of multiple fires in the garage.

Crews believe the suspect could have entered the garage through the side fence door or by climbing the fence around the home. Crews also found one of the sliding back doors unlocked.

Investigators believe it could be the work of the same arsonist who is setting fires in vacant homes since 2012.

“It really kind of fits in line to the things we’ve been seeing over the last year but it’s kind of ramped up over the last month or so. We’ve had 3 or 4 different calls in the last month,” said Medford Fire battalion chief Ron Nelson.

Investigators said the past several vacant home fires were run down and old but the arson fire on Prune Street was a newer home.

Medford police and fire crews are asking residents to keep their eyes out and pay attention to suspicious activity around vacant homes.

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  1. Spud says:

    If none exists, offer a reward for info leading to the capture of this nasty blighter (or blighters), yesterday!

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