911 Dispatchers Asking for Specifics

911 DispatchMEDFORD, Ore. — When smoke starts to billow, the phones start to ring at 911 dispatch centers, but dispatchers say, despite the good intentions by some callers, not all of those calls are helpful to emergency responders.

Jackson County Dispatch Officials say they welcome any calls during an emergency situation, but during the thick of fire season, there are some key pieces of information dispatchers are looking for to make sure resources are being sent as quickly as possible to the correct location.

“Anything that they can give us, address, nearest address, cross street, any kind of landmark, that’s going to help get the resources on the way,” said Dispatch Training Supervisor Craig Williams.

Dispatch officials say often people are calling about incidents already reported. They say to listen to what the dispatchers are explains and ask questions to make sure it is not the same situation.

They the fire on Blackwell Road on Thursday is a good example of how information. Dispatch officials say in the event of multiple fires like those along Blackwell Road on Thursday, it is important to listen to what dispatch is saying to see if the fire has already been reported.