9-Year-Old Injured in Fair Ride Mishap

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A 9-year-old boy is left with three stitches in his face after a ride at the Jackson County Fair malfunctioned. That boy is otherwise okay and home with his family, but officials are still trying to figure out what went wrong.

The zipper ride is still closed after Thursday’s incident. Officials say it was likely a bolt that broke loose, but they still aren’t sure how. 9-year-old Brendan Hasse was standing in line when the bolt hit him just below the right eye, then ricocheted off his face and hit him in the shoulder.

Officials say there are few answers around how it happened. They say inspections were done daily by the ride operator company, Funtastic. Those inspections are according to the equipment manufacturer’s instructions.

Ride operators say the ride had no history of issues. Meanwhile, Brendan’s adoptive parents say their son spent a couple of hours in the hospital and received three stitches below his eye, but they say it was a major setback for him, as he was overcoming a fear of fair rides.

“It’s not so much the incident. It’s more what happened on the inside. I mean, he was trying to overcome fears, and what happens? You know, he gets hit in the face with a piece of metal,” said Brendan’s mother, Lynette Hasse.

Fair officials say state inspectors with the building codes division will be taking a look at the ride to figure out the cause of the malfunction. In the meantime, that ride will remain closed. The say they will also be evaluating their relationship with the carnival company, Funtastic. Apart from this incident, they say that relationship has been seamless.


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  1. cb says:

    that ridfe is 60yrs old

  2. SL says:

    Things happen all the time. It’s not always someone’s fault.

  3. anonymous says:

    First and foremost dave kollenmier said the ride would be inspected by a state inspector wich never showed up at all to inspect the ride second there was more than one ride not functioning properly wich funtastic continued to run regardless third there were no visible state inspection stickers posted on any of the rides wich are required to be posted and visible by state and federal laws my question is if a state inspector was supposed to inspect it before it was open then why did no official show up to do so and why was the ride reopen before that and why were they running other rides that were not functioning correctley..

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