8 Businesses Burglarized in Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police responded to 8 business burglaries that occurred overnight and into the morning hours in the Medford area. There is no suspect information right now, but Police think that several of the cases are the work of the same suspect. The businesses burglarized last night were the following:

• Weldon’s Cleaner, 930 N. Phoenix Road
• Extreme Juice, 950 N. Phoenix Road
• InstaPrint, 26 S. Central Avenue
• Rapid Ink, 303 N. Bartlett Avenue
• Structures Hair Salon, 311 N. Bartlett Avenue
• Mike Coffee, 924 S. Central Avenue
• Senior Sams, 1234 S. Riverside Avenue
• Jackson Creek Pizza, 1590 Delta Waters Road #112, Medford

The suspect is forcing entry into the businesses by prying open a door or
window, or in some cases breaking a glass door or window. The suspect
is targeting the cash from the cash register of the businesses. Not all of
the businesses actually sustained a loss but they were all damaged.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Medford Police
Department, 541-770-4783. The list of businesses are as follows: