68-Year-Old Beats Intruder in Roseburg

ROSEBURG, Ore. — 68-year-old Alvin Catron is in the hospital after successfully defending his home and himself from an intruder Thursday afternoon. He says the fight ended months of burglarizing from, who he says, was the same man each time.

27-year-old Michael Lee Hatton was arrested Thursday, for breaking into Alvin Catron and his wife’s home. He is in the Douglas County Jail and faces charges of burglary, theft, resisting arrest and other charges, including an outstanding warrant.

Catron says he originally hired Hatton to do part time yardwork, he knew Hatton as a transient near his home on the 800 block of Esperanza Street. He said Hatton started breaking into his home, stealing jewelry and prescription medication. Investigators had been called to the house multiple times, but could never catch anyone. Catron explained when Hatton called him Thursday, he played his game, telling him he was not at home. He then called police and says Hatton broke in through his bathroom window during the call. The two struggled after Catron pulled a hand gun on Hatton, he says he hit him with it dozens of times. He says he also grabbed a wrench to beat Hatton and then sat on top of him until officers took over.

“I was gonna take his teeth out with that wrench. I didn’t care, I wanted him to suffer. Because he stole my wife’s cancer medication and made her suffer, with that on my mind I couldn’t stop hitting him,” said Alvin Catron.

Michael Hatton did lose a tooth and suffered from other minor injuries. Catron has suffered from two minor strokes because of the altercation. Hatton could face up to twenty years in prison if he’s charged. Catron says he feels elated that this two month stint is all over with, and says he wouldn’t change anything about how he handled the situation.

Roseburg Police are looking into those other possible burglaries involving Hatton.


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  1. Andy in Oregon says:

    now he gets 3 meals a day a bed to sleep in free medical and dental and a shower every day. next time shoot him

  2. Peter says:

    Good Job!!! way to take a stand

  3. Joann says:

    Mr. Catron should NOT, NOT, NOT be charged with anything, but should get a medal . And I bet if the Roseburg P.D. had been able (allowed by law) to personally warn or threatened the intruder, it could have ended the thefts. Same with the Gold Hill P.D. when my younger and very timid sister, Connie, was AND IS STILL being harassed by GARY P (AT HER HOME (while her husband is on the critical list in hospital). I called the county sheriff about this begging them to warn GARY P. (who lives on Second St. in G.Hill) but because of the “law” they said Connie HAS TO be the one to call them and complain. She’s afraid to do that and I fear for her safety since Gary is trying to get her to be his drinking partner so all her defenses are down. I bet he has a few D.U.I.’s already. WHY ISN’T THERE a LEGISLATIVE CODE YET e.g. titled “PREVENTATIVE MEASURE EXCEPTIONS” providing for the police, AFTER careful consideration of a reported threat to a pending crime or harm to another, to intervene by simply talking to the person who is the threat to another person or whole community?

  4. James Walker says:

    Good morning,

    Very good Mr. Catron, very good. You did the right thing, and a repeat criminal is in jail where he belongs. Being nearly 66, I think anyone who robs or attacks any of us older folks, should have their sentences doubled.

    Again, congrats…you did a good thing.
    Jim Walker

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