Gold Hill Moves Forward with Dispensary

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Medford, Ore. – Gold Hill’s city council Monday night made history. The council passed two ordinances that cleared the way for a medical marijuana dispensary in the city limits. Gold Hill is the first city in the Rogue Valley to do that. Critics of the dispensary say they are upset the facility will be near a church but there are also concerned about the message the city is sending. One critic says she was sad for the voters of Gold Hill and says this is a sad day for the city.

Gold Hill followed state regulations on the business locations. The state regulations made it so there is really only one place in the city where the dispensary could be located. The passing of the ordinances on Monday continued what appeared to be the city council’s support of the marijuana dispensary law.

The city manager says he expects the business license application to be on his desk tomorrow with the dispensary up and running with state and city approval by the end of the week.


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  1. Sandra says:

    They are worried it’s near a church? Hello???? THIS IS A MEDICINE! I am a Christian living with a Chronic condition and I use it! Thank God for it too. It helps to make a very long miserable existence much better. So GOOD FOR GOLD HILL for having the guts to make the right decision for a whole bunch of sick people. And btw, Oregon is next to pass a law restricting pain medications even more (Washington state has already passed this) so you WILL see more and more people becoming card holders since doctors will no longer be allowed to effectively treat their pain.

  2. tara nary says:

    you know that’s so typical of people to condemn weed and then mention the church , GOD gave us weed get a clue people you should be worried about all the tweekers we have living in our town WTF is wrong with you people??

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