60th Anniversary on Valentines Day

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MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s a love story that starts long before trips to Hawaii and Disneyland. Danny and Connie Stanton met in 7th grade. Just a couple years later at 16-years-old, the young couple eloped on Valentine’s Day.

The Stantons have been doing their “own thing” for 60 years now on Valentine’s Day, celebrating their 60th anniversary, but the Stantons say everything wasn’t always picture picture. For better or for worse, the high school sweethearts made it through that “tough living”, Connie says, by focusing on the good.

Now, on their 60th wedding anniversary, the Stanton relationship is being tested again; this time in sickness, rather than health. Danny is battling cancer and some doctors have given him just six months to live.

Even amid sickness, the good times aren’t over. As a Valentine’s Day surprise for Connie, Danny and their daughter recruited a “Big Bad Wolf” to walk the streets of Medford and Central Point looking for “Little Red Riding Hood”. When Danny headed to the hospital for treatment he became the wolf, revealing Connie as “Little Red Riding Hood”; still focusing on the good, celebrating the love they first had 60 years ago. Creating their own type of fairy tale in the real world.

The Stanton’s have five children, 14 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.