Susan Monica: A Deeper Look, Part 1

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. –“This is Susan Monica, I”m here in Rogue River, Oregon.”

Susan Monica popped up on Youtube two and a half years ago. She recorded a six minutes video, and explained that the U.S. could create five million jobs by building a cross-country elevated train system. In the video, Monica said she thinks the system would cut down on millions of gallons on jet fuel used by the planes each year.

“We built the Hoover Dam, we built the Panama Canal, we went to the moon,” said Monica in her video. “We now do nothing. This is the next thing that has to be done. That has to be done.”

At the end of the video, she pitched the idea to the crew on ABC’s Shark Tank.

“If Barbara Corcoran would like another million dollars, please contact me,” said Monica.

Right now, Monica is sitting in the Jackson County Jail, on charges of killing and dismembering the bodies of two people on her property in Wimer, Ore. The video does not address those crimes, but she pointed NewsWatch 12 to it in an attempt, she said, to get the public to see what she’s really like.