500 Students Take a Look to Their Future

Career in GearsMEDFORD, Ore.– Students in the Rogue Valley are getting a hands on look at what their future career may look like. Hundreds of students attended a fair in the main gym of the Medford Education Center, Thursday. They were grouped into teams of seven with a business mentor for the day.

Some our own Newswatch 12 team members were there to answer questions as well. Students attended workshops, visited businesses, and had a one on one lunch with a mentor. The event was created so students could be better prepared for the workforce and see some jobs not often seen in public.

District Director, Stacie Grier says, “They don’t see that on a day to day basis, they see police officers, teachers and doctors and nurses, but not engineers and IT professionals”.

About 500 students attended the event today. This is the fourth year of the event.

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  1. Patricia Forde says:

    Thanks to your folks from Newswatch 12 who came and shared their experiences with the kids. You guys did a great job!

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