4th of July with Red, White & Boom

Red, White & Boom

MEDFORD, Ore. — Before the “boom” in Red, White and Boom, the scene of Southern Oregon’s biggest fireworks show is quiet. But organizers say, it won’t last long.

“We were out here at 5 a.m. and we’ll do that all day today, and again tomorrow just to make sure 12,000 people have a great fourth of July,” President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, Brad Hicks, commented.

A great Fourth of July means business support worth $40,000.

“All of these businesses coming together, it’s a giveback,” Red, White & Boom Chair, Doug Patterson, said. “It’s celebrating the most important holiday of our country.”

A celebration of our country’s freedom.

“Most business people in this country feel like it is this country and the way we operate here that helps them be successful, and they want to give something back,” Hicks added.

And of course, hundreds of fireworks. The setup is still in the beginning stages. Hundreds of tubes still need to be filled with fireworks wired to a control panel, and then, the show goes on.

And on a day like this, in the thick of fire season, the Chamber of Medford/Jackson County says it’s a safe alternative to lighting your own fireworks.

“We have sophisticated fireworks and sophisticated technicians discharging them,” Hicks said.

The Chamber says city officials and law enforcement will also be at the Lithia Amphitheater, as a precaution. All in an effort to celebrate the red, white and blue with a ‘boom.’


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  1. Citizen A says:

    The Valley is a hot place in the summer. Fires are real threats. If businesses want to give $40,000 back to the community…support local charitable organizations. How intelligent is it to continue to support a fireworks display? Lead by example.

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