40% of HS Grads Not Going To College

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MEDFORD, Ore. – New data from the National Student Clearinghouse reveals Medford School District, along with several other area school districts, are not meeting a state goal.

Two years ago, the state of Oregon set a goal wanting to 80% of high school graduates to enroll in college.  The latest data shows only 56% of graduates from Medford Schools enrolled in a university.

Even though this number is not high enough to reach the state goal, Todd Bloomquist, the Director of Secondary Education for the Medford School District, said reaching the goal is going to take time, but the school system is doing everything they can to make it possible.

They are offering advanced placement classes, which will give students college credit after they complete the course. They are also introducing the idea of attending college to elementary students.  Select classrooms are university themed to help get young kids in the mindset that college is a possibility.  A spokesperson for Southern Oregon University says this is a good idea.

“The sooner we can introduce them to that idea… the greater the possibility they will go onto higher education,” said SOU spokesperson Jim Beaver.

No school in the Rogue Valley met the state goal.  They still have time though.  2025 is the year set for every school to reach the state goal.

Find out how your school did by contacting your district office.