4 Killed In Gun, Knife Attack in Alturas

alturasBy Tracey Leong

(CNN) — A woman, about to be evicted from a Native American community in California, is accused in a deadly attack. Authorities say she killed four people and critically injured two others at a tribal office Thursday.

Police Chief Ken Barnes says former Cedarville Rancheria tribal leader Sherie Lash, also known as Sherie Rhoades, opened fire during her eviction hearing to remove Lash from her tribal land.

Two women, age 19 and 45 and two men, age 30 and 50, were killed. Among the men was the current Cedarville Rancheria tribal leader. The two injured victims are women. Their ages have not been released and they are listed in critical condition.

The two guns found were semiautomatic handguns and were both empty. All six victims had gunshot wounds and when 44-year-old Sherie Lash ran out of ammo, she reached for a butcher knife to stab the victims.

One witness was able to escape and ran down the street to the Alturas Police Station covered in victims’ blood to notify authorities. Within minutes, officers were on scene and detained Lash when she was running outside with the knife. Chief Barnes believes it’s an isolated incident.