4-H Kids Prep Animals for Fair

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Stefanee Tolner and her show pig, Fonzerelli, walked around the yard practicing for the 4-H fair.

Fonzerellli had already been bathed and prepped.  Early tomorrow morning, Fonzerelli, along with the Tolner family’s other pigs will be off to the fairgrounds.

Tolner got involved in 4-H six years ago.  She was bored with all of her free time and started raising pigs as a hobby.  Now she and her two brothers all show swine.  Her family even breeds hogs.

The Tolner family begins the breeding process in October.  The piglets are born around February, and then sold to other 4-Hers and FFA members in the spring.

“We start training them to walk and we wash them regularly.. so they’re used to the water so when we get to fair they aren’t scared of the wash racks and then we just have to prep for fair,” said Tolner.

4-H participants raise their pigs through the summer.  They feed them protein and try to build muscle, but it all comes down to the 4-H fair.  By the end of the week, one lucky 4-Her and their pig will be named Grand Champion.

“I just hope to get a purple ribbon in my market class and in showmanship that would be great,” said Tolner.

Already, 4-H participants are setting up and decorating their pens.  The throw down saw dust, which acts like kitty litter, to keep the pens clean.  Tomorrow, all animals are expected to arrive at the fair.

The swine will be shown Tuesday night and Wednesday.  The swine and poultry auction will be July 17 at 7 p.m. in Olsrud Arena.