4-H Judging Begins

NONLIVESTOCKCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — While most think of 4-H as primarily livestock clubs, there are lots of other different clubs associated with the group as well.

Kids can choose from a variety of activities from sewing and cooking to photography and painting.  The judging for these projects is already underway at the fairgrounds, even though the fair does not start for a couple more days.

“The kids get to talk with the judge,” said Sharon Williams, a resource leader for the 4-H extension office.  “It’s a learning process, and what they can learn to do better and what they’ve done well.”

The non-livestock exhibits will be on display in pavilions during the fair.


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  1. Ryan Jones says:

    4 H is a great program when you can get into one of the groups, I have tried on several occasions to get my kids into a couple groups and was turned away as the group was full and was to try again next year. Tried again with groups already full way before the groups started. I have just given up on those groups, would love for them to be in one of the animal groups but we cant have livestock in our neighborhood.

    Trying to get info on the groups was not easy either…phone calls not returned as well as unanswered emails.

    1. Patty Bunch says:

      sorry you could not find a group. we are always looking for more leaders. some areas are tough to get into. call and ask for Diane Miller. Of course, since fair is just starting up, you could just come by the 4-H office and talk to one of us. It is behind the barns by the creek. We are offering tours of the 4-H areas at noon and again at 3 p.m. come join the tour!

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