Third In-Custody Death This Year

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – Police were forced to deploy a taser in an effort to restrain a 23-year-old Talent man Wednesday night. After that, Christopher Ladue, Jr. was pronounced dead on the way to a local hospital.  Wednesday night’s incident marks the third in-custody death in Jackson County this year.

Christopher Ladue, Jr. became erratic and police struggled to get him in handcuffs, forcing officers to use a taser twice. Back on June 13th, a man police believed suffering from a mental episode became “erratic”.

An Eagle Point officer fired a stun gun to Scott Chappell, he died in the ambulance on the way to a hospital. On August 29th, a man reportedly running from Medford Police officers collapsed in their arms after being handcuffed. A taser was deployed but police don’t know if it hit Joseph Vavrovsky.

Jackson County Captain Monty Holloway doesn’t believe this is an unusual amount of in custody deaths for the area over the course of a year. Holloway also says these events don’t impact their attempts to control people who are a danger to officers and the public. He says it’s only speculative to draw any similarities between these three incidents. Holloway also added, part of training for Jackson County officers involves experiencing a taser deployment first hand.


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  1. tiffany says:

    “part of training for Jackson County officers involves experiencing a taser deployment first hand”.. Maybe they should try being tazed by 2 Tazers at the same time and see if it has a different affect. I also think that there needs to be a change, no more Tazer guns cause they kill people. More pepper spray? More self defense classes to learn how to restrain someone. None of these men had weapons but weapons were used against them that led to a result in death and devastated loved ones. Im so sad and angry about all three of these deaths. What happened to my hometown, my birthplace, my home, this Community. I used to feel safe in this county now im more afraid of encountering a police officer then a stranger. Please change something this isn’t right.

  2. reality says:


    You are ignorant. These deaths are no doubt directly related to the new synthetic drugs that are being used, if not the good ol reliable meth. You don’t have to fear the police unless your committing crimes and refuse to obey their lawful orders. Would you like the tasers to go away and go back to the police carrying big wooden night sticks? There needs to be an escalation and de escalation of “tools” for police to use in order to affect an arrest. Take away tasers and there will be more injuries to the police and public. Please educate yourself and learn more about the police instead of getting your info from the news.

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