Forest Fire Update for August 4th, 2013

Total Acres: 52,518
Total Personnel: 5,544

Acres: 7,499
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 1,348
Total Personnel: 1,074
Percent Contained: 0%

Evacuations/Closures: Bear Camp and Burnt Ridge Roads are closed, as well as numerous trails.

The BLM portion of the Wild Section of the Rogue River is closed from Grave Creek to Mule Creek. The Rogue River Trail from Grave Creek to the Rogue River Ranch is temporarily closed.

A level 2 evacuation has been established for residences north of the Rogue River and South of the Marial Byway.

Significant Events: The Recreation Section of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River is open to rafters.

However, the Grave Creek takeout is closed and law enforcement officials will not allow traffic into Grave Creek. Rafters floating on this section of the river should use the Argo, Almeda, or Rand river exits. Firefighters have reduced fuels around the Black Bar Lodge and the Zane Grey Cabin along the Rogue River.

Acres: 2,298
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 0
Total Personnel: 660
Percent Contained: 60%

Evacuations/Closures: Road closures on Hog Creek, Quartz Creek and Angora Creek.

Public Meeting: Sunday August, 4th. 6:30 pm, Fleming Middle School, 6001 Monument Drive, Merlin

Acres: 34,459
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 1,924
Total Personnel: 2,397
Percent Contained: 15%


Evacuations of homes along Reuben Road, Mt. Reuben Road and McCullough Creek Road in Douglas County were downgraded from a Level 3 to Level 2. Local residents have access, but the roads are closed to the public.

Evacuations of thirty homes for Poorman Creek, Lower Graves Creek Road, Graves Creek Road and Lower Wolf Creek in Josephine County.

Cow Creek Road from Riddle into the fire area and from Glendale into the fire area is closed.

Acres: 2,020
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 0
Total Personnel: 460
Percent Contained: 0%

Evacuations/Closures: Road closures and Level 2 (advisory) evacuation for Oak Flat and Brushy Bar. Level 1 (precautionary) for the area between Kerby Flat and McCaleb Ranch.

Acres: 6,242
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 728
Total Personnel: 953
Percent Contained: 20%

Size: 2,884 acres
Number of Personnel: 632
Percent Contained: 5%

Public Meeting: There is a community meeting planned for today at 6 pm at the Salmon River Restoration Council building (25631 Sawyers Bar Road -old Sawyers Bar school) in Sawyers Bar. Fire officials will give an operational update of the fires.

Here’s a look at today’s Air Quality. Click the image to enlarge. For more information, visit: www.oregonsmoke.blogspot.com

8-4-13 Air Quality