2nd Alarm Fire Started by Wood Stove

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Flames from a Medford home greeted Rob Neff as he came home with his son’s from practice Wednesday evening.

“I turned on to Valley View, I noticed the flames were really big, called 911, said there was a fire at Valley View and Mathews Place,” said Neff.

It was his neighbors home and Neff said he did what he could to help.

“Grabbed my garden hose, hooked it up to our neighbor’s little faucet and started spraying water,” said Neff.

Medford Police, Medford Fire and Fire District 3 responded to the second alarm fire. When the first responders arrived one of the residents of the home went back inside and didn’t come out until about a minute later.

“Refusing to leave the house, actually locked himself in on the rear side of the structure but police were able to get him out,” said Medford Fire Capt. Sean Fey.

To help firefighters and make sure the man didn’t go back into the building, police temporarily put him in handcuffs while fire crews put out hot spots. As temperatures start to dip, wood stove use is starting to rise, but investigators said in this case, the wood stove was used to dry medical marijuana.

“He was drying the medical marijuana around it. He also had gasoline stored near it, he also had wood pellets, he had wood shavings, so anyone of those things could have caused the fire,” said Medford Fire Inspector Ralph Satain.

Fire investigators said several flammable materials stored very close to a wood stove in an out building led to the fire. No serious injuries were reported, however of the fifteen cats and four dogs inside the home, only five cats and two dogs have been found.


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  1. Annie says:

    But of course marijuana won’t HURT any one, right? The people using are perfectly responsible people, right? Lets just keep on trying to legalize it. Every one will be safe then. Right.

  2. patti says:

    Judging others because of 1 idiots stupidity is ignorant!

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