2014 Oregon Legislative Session to Start

SalemSALEM, Ore. — Monday marks the beginning of the 2014 Oregon legislative session and local legislators expect it to be a very fast passed with a variety of issues getting attention.

Cover Oregon has been controversial since its launch in October and the website is still not fully functional. Representative Dennis Richardson of Central Point expects the website and health plan to be criticized and he plans to propose that no more money be spent on trying to fix it and that the whole project be scrapped entirely.

“Now, there’s other options, and so we ought to cut our losses and shut it down because it’s only going to bleed more money in the future and then it’s not sustainable next year when the federal money stops,” said Rep. Dennis Richardson.

Senator Alan Bates also expects Cover Oregon to be among the hot topics and says the budget will also come under the microscope. With dry weather conditions continuing, he is looking at increasing the insurance policy for wildfires if another severe wildfire season hits the state.

“And I think you’re going to pay a lot more for that policy, but I still think it’s worth doing. There is a chance that we’ll spend 10, 15, 20 million dollars for a policy we won’t use, but I think the risk is there,” said Senator Alan Bates.

Representative Peter Buckley also commented and expects GMO and marijuana laws to come up during the session.