2-Year-Old Found Wandering On Sidewalk

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Two have been charged with child neglect and a 2-year-old boy is in the custody of state officials after neighbors found him wandering down the sidewalk Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbors said they were shocked to see the toddler alone with no shoes on. Police said the call came in just after 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Myria Raines stated she was home when her two grandchildren came in from playing outside and told her that a young boy was crying on the side walk.

Raines said she tried to find out where the boy came from or who he was with, but had to call 911. Medford Police arrived and used a reverse 911 call to home phones of residents in the immediate area to alert them of the found boy. About 45 minutes went by before authorities were able to find where the boy came from: a woman around the block who was supposed to be watching the child for the mother; that woman now faces charges of child neglect.

Soon after finding the woman responsible for watching the child, the mother of the boy, 36-year-old Elaina Mann, showed up and police charged her with child neglect. Mann had left the 2-year-old boy with the woman on Monday, saying she wouldn’t be gone long and left no contact information. The child is now currently in the hands of the Department of Human Services.


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  1. Trisha Studer says:

    If the MOTHER left the child in the care of a babysitter, and was not at the home when the child was left unattended by the babysitter, how is it that the MOTHER is also being charged with child neglect? She found a sitter for her child, instead of leaving it at home alone, that is not against the law and shows a responsible parent seeking a sitter. If this happened when the child was at a daycare, the parents would not be responsible for the actions of the daycare providers as they have entrusted the child with them. Does the same not apply to in-house sitters? There has to be more to this story than being told. Is the mother a druggie? Did she abandon her kid with the sitter? I guess the cops know what they are doing, but it seems strange the mother of a child left with a sitter gets charged with neglect for the sitters actions. Did I miss something? Am I not reading the story right? Hmmmmm……..

    1. CLMill says:

      Please read carefully. She left the child on Monday without providing contact information. She said she would not be gone long; the child was found Tuesday afternoon. That is why she is charged. She abandoned the child for at least a day. But we don’t know the whole story. She will have her day in court.

      1. Trisha Studer says:

        Gotcha! I missed the part about the Mom leaving on Monday and not coming back until Tuesday. Now I get it. Thanks for pointing it out to me. You know how sometimes we seem to “skim” articles?

    2. Daryl says:

      The mother left the child with the sitter on MONDAY, saying she wouldnt be gone long and leaving no contact information. The child was found on Tuesday. Sounds like abadonment by the mother to me.

  2. mark says:

    trisha the mother left the child with another woman on monday and said she would be back soon and left no contact info, thats child neglect in my book.

  3. grandma of 1 says:

    The mom left on monday saying she would not be gone long and still hadn’t come home by the next afternoon and the “babysitter” had no contact info.

  4. Kathleen says:

    It seems a case of child abandonment by the mother. The article states that the mother left the child with the sitter and was only supposed to be for a couple hours. The mother left no contact information and didn’t apparently return until Tuesday when the child was found. Either case, the sitter should have called officials to report this, and she continues to accept responsibility for the child, therefore she should be charged with neglect. The mother should also be charged with abandonment.

  5. janey says:

    The babysitter should be charged for neglect and abandonment! not the mother, The babysitter should have call 911 if the mother never showed up that would take care of the problems.

  6. Scott says:

    another wanna be mom but is one not ready to give up her partying just yet. leaves a child with a babysitter with no contact info? bad mom BAD MOM throw the book at her!

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