15th Annual Ashland Halloween Parade

ashland parade 2ASHLAND, Ore. — Hundreds of people dressed up and walked the streets of downtown Ashland for the annual Halloween parade. This is the fifteenth year for the parade.

Parade coordinators say, this year, they tried to change the parade so it would have more of a harvest festival feel. Not only was there a parade that traveled through downtown Ashland, but there were also stations set up at different businesses along main street offering activities.

“Ashland has a lot of creativity,” said Katharine Flanagan, the Marketing Director at the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. “There is a big artist community here and since we have been doing this for 15 years we actually have children who have grown up creating a tradition to create their costumes and come down to Ashland so they have their own family traditions they have developed over the past years.”

The parade is funded by the Ashland Chamber Of Commerce. They say they plan on having the parade again next year. Planning for that will begin next summer.