Civil War Game Brings Big Business

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Football fans from Central Point to the Applegate turned out in Medford to show their team support in the biggest rivalry in the state. With the game airing on the Pac 12 Network, which is only carried by AFN and Dish Network in the Rogue Valley, many fans were left scrambling to find a place to watch the big game.

“I had to think about where we were going to go and this is what we decided on,” said Beavers fan Greg Everist.

Chadwick’s in Medford had fans waiting outside their doors before they even opened. Server Jessica Jackson says Chadwick’s made special arrangemnts just so they could carry Saturday’s game.

“We are a packed house, they had a line out the door when we first opened,” said Jackson. “We just got it on Thursday, I believe and they just turned on the receivers yesterday. They were here this morning actually making some re-connections.”

This is not the first game for either team to be shown on the Pac 12 Network and Jackson said business took a big hit on those days.

“Those days we are very slow, people are finding it elsewhere at homes or wherever else they can go. People are calling in a lot but we can’t offer what they need, so it will be good to offer it now,” said Jasckson.

The phone was ringing right up until kickoff with fans hoping to grab the last seat in the house. Fans like Kelly Quaid from the Applegate said they’ve been looking forward to the in-state showdown all season long and nothing was going to stop them from watching it.

“It was important enough to make the drive. Took a break from work today and hey we got to see the game,” said Quaid.