150 Firework-Related Injuries in Oregon

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Medford, Ore. — The 4th of July is a holiday spent with family and friends enjoying our freedom.  However, it can be a dangerous, and even deadly holiday.

In fact, officials say Oregon averages about 150 firework-related injuries every single year.  Last year, there was also a death in Oregon related to fireworks.

That’s why Providence Medford Medical Center is urging you to follow four easy steps, called “The Four B’s.”

Be Prepared: Have water and fire extinguishers on hand

Be Responsible: Follow all directions and only use legal fireworks

Be Safe: Only allow adults to handle fireworks and never try to relight a dud

Be Aware: Know what you’re dealing with, so you don’t make mistakes.  For instance, sparklers burn hotter than the heat it takes to melt glass.