128 Layoffs at Monaco Plant

Harrisburg plantHARRISBURG, Ore. — Dozens of employees at a towable RV business were laid off Monday morning.

Nearly 130 workers showed up to work at Monaco, and were told to go home.

An employee we spoke with says it came as a shock.

We’re told a total of 71 permanent and 57 temporary employees no longer have jobs and the entire plant will close very soon.

A statement released Monday by Allied Specialty Services says in part, “ASV’s towable RV business represented less than 2 percent of ASV revenues and was unprofitable – leading to this decision.”

But the community is not happy with the closure.

“Most of the people that I know that works for, have been with them forever. And they’ve stuck it out because that’s all they could find. So what are they going to do now? I don’t know,” said Harrisburg resident Sharon Webb.

We’re told employees were given a couple of months severance pay in addition to vacation pay.

The Harrisburg city manager says the closure is a major hit to the small town of 3,600, but he doesn’t have a figure on the economic impact this loss will cause.